6 Smart Bathroom Cabinet Ideas To Organize Small Spaces

6 Smart Bathroom Cabinet Ideas To Organize Small Spaces

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Whether you have a large or small bathroom, it doesn’t mean storage will be compromised. If you’re looking for smart bathroom cabinet ideas to improve space utilization, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to help you secure a spot for all your bathroom essentials without compromising aesthetics. We’ll show you different ways to maximize space in your bathroom.

After reading this article, you’ll know that it’s easy to improve the storage of your bathroom. But if you need professional help with your cabinet remodel, you can lean on Gold Cabinets and Countertops.

Carve out storage on your shower wall

Creating a nook on your shower wall is a smart way to place your shower bath liquids, shampoos, and conditioners. All essentials you need for your quick shower or bubble bath can be placed there.

This also looks seamless when you’re looking behind your shower glass door. We can also help you choose the right tile to accentuate your shower nook.

Creating a shower nook is one of the best small bathroom cabinet ideas you can have today.

Open shelving and baskets

If you have ample space beside your toilet or on top of your bathroom door, we can construct open shelving there. We can choose the same color of your open shelving with the walls of your bathroom to make it look seamless. It’s one of the go-to options for smart bathroom storage cabinet ideas.

We also recommend that you use baskets in storing your toiletries and bathroom linens before placing them inside your open shelving or doorless cabinets.

Open shelving is applicable for both small and large bathrooms. It creates an airy ambiance inside your fresh bathroom space.

Ceiling-high vertical cabinets

If you can’t go horizontal, then go for vertical cabinets that are ceiling-high. We can make a compact one but with different levels, and each has its respective doors. This is one of the in-demand bathroom medicine cabinet ideas in the industry.

You can go for white, beige, or any neutral tones for your vertical tall cabinets. Installing a black or chrome finish hardware would also look great for neutral tones. Just tell us how many levels you want for your vertical tall cabinets, and we’ll make a custom one for you.

Floating vanity for more floor space

Installing a floating vanity is also a wise option for your small bathroom. This is also workable for large spaces that want a twist in their bathroom to remodel. If you go for this, you can utilize the space underneath the floating vanity. You can place a basket there to store your extra linens and toiletries. That way, it looks cleaner with the basket.

Floating vanity sink

Alternatively, we can also install a floating basin on top of your vanity top. This is smart and elegant looking for a bathroom remodel. You have a space to store small things underneath the floating sink.

Use dividers or containers to organize your drawer

You can shop online and buy clear acrylic plastic containers that fit inside your drawer. This can help you sort things inside your drawer. Like grouping things that are used for the same purpose. This makes things a lot easier when you’re finding small items for your daily hygiene ritual.

Using a divider is one of the in-demand bathroom cabinet storage ideas today. If you need help with your cabinet remodel, you can lean on us. We are experts in this field, and we can create a stunning outcome for your dream cabinets.

Hanging storage

Installing a hanging shelf with wooden planks is also an excellent choice. You can let it hang on a free wall maybe beside your toilet. Just make sure the bolt or screw is tightly buried into the wall. This serves as the support for the entire hanging shelf.

As for the color of the wooden plank, it can match or contrast with the wall. As for the metal hanging frame, it can be black or rustic in color. This is one of your best bathroom cabinets organize ideas to adapt to save on cost.

Additional Cabinet Idea

If you still have free space where you can have a custom cabinet, we can help you construct one. For instance, if your bathroom is underneath the staircase, then there’s that uneven space that needs a custom cabinet. Our professionals can help you design and make one.

First, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for a free consultation, and then we’ll schedule an in-home measurement. Then we’ll help you choose the available materials for your custom bathroom cabinets. Once we finalize the layout and material, we can proceed to construction.

The last part will be delivery and installation to your place.

Other things to consider

We’re done laying out the options, now it’s time to look into other features. Firstly, you need to research trending bathroom cabinet color ideas that match your existing bathroom theme.

Typically, white or any neutral hues is best for your bathroom to remodel, why? That’s because it gives your space a cleaner and more modern look. Everything looks fresh and organized with neutral colors. You can use dark-colored accessories or cabinet hardware to contrast.

Secondly, you can turn to a professional contractor for your semi-custom or fully custom cabinets. Only turn to a certified cabinet maker like Gold Cabinets and Countertops to ensure the quality of construction.

Book a free consultation

Hope you had a great time reading through our article, and that it helped you find the best bathroom cabinet ideas for your home. Should you have other queries about bathroom remodeling, you can contact us.

We offer a free consultation service for all homeowners. Simply book one today.

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