Granite Countertops Maintenance Tips This 2020

Granite Countertops Maintenance Tips This 2020

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When it comes to getting a fresh look with your kitchen island or bathroom vanities, there are different types of granite countertops in the market. Indeed, it’s one of your best options when you want long-term investment for your countertop upgrades, and we have the best granite countertops in our showroom.

If you are planning of installing one, it’s wise to hire local granite fabricators like Gold Cabinets and Countertops, for we have the complete toolset and skills in handling this heavy precious stone.

Meanwhile, we are sharing some of the practical tips you can try in taking care of your granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. With this, you have a greater chance of prolonging the life and beauty of this wonderful stone.

#1 Daily Dose of Wiping and Cleaning

Your custom granite countertops are constantly exposed to different elements inside your kitchen and bath. Some of these items are acidic or basic substances that can stain your granite counter when left uncleaned.

To avoid stains, you need to wipe down your granite kitchen island with a clean dry, or damp soft cloth. Also, you can use a mild dishwashing soap solution to remove grease and dirt on top.

In line, we discourage you to use bleach solutions for granite cleaning for it can dull its surface. An excellent alternative will be buying friendly stone cleaners in granite countertop stores for sanitizing and disinfecting your granite countertops.

Further, it’s always best to store those lemons, vinegar, and other acidic ingredients to your cabinets or fridge, so your granite countertops won’t be compromised.

#2 Apply A Sealant Every 6 or 12 Months

Take note, granite is naturally porous, so we always treat them before installing in your kitchen island and granite bathroom countertops. Meanwhile, if you are asking how often you should seal your granites, it’s between every 6 or 12 months. 

Besides the annual re-sealing done by professionals, you can perform your own sealing measures by purchasing stone sealants in big box and hardware stores. Once you have your sealant, use soft microfiber and apply it in small amounts so you can spread it evenly.

With this, you are boosting the brilliance of your countertop while enhancing its waterproofing properties, for oils are water-hating compounds.

On the other hand, dark-colored granites are less porous than white or light-toned ones. Nevertheless, the style you’ll be choosing will depend on your home decor and cabinets.

#3 Address Spills and Stains Immediately

Whether you have expensive or cheap granite countertops, spills and stains must be promptly addressed to avoid letting it seep down. In that case, you can wipe or blot spills with a soft towel or tissue paper, so that it gets absorbed.

Meanwhile, a good prevention technique when placing hot or cold drinks on your granite countertops will be using coasters and trays. With that, any spills on the sides are capture by your coaster, not directly hitting your granite surface.

#4 Improve Its Luster, Apply Some Oil

Keeping your granite kitchen island and vanity tops shiny and clean invites more appeal and elegance. With that, you can use cooking or mineral oil for giving your countertop a slightly glossy finish.

Creating an eye-catching sheen on your granite countertop is easy, just make sure to use soft microfiber for wiping its surface.

#5 Tips For Hot Pots and Sharp Knives Placed on Your Granite

Besides the spills, your granite countertop is also exposed to extreme heat and sharp objects inside your busy kitchen. Well, it’s known that granite has excellent resistance against heat, yet you don’t want to ruin its sealant film when those hot pans are placed on top.

When you are placing hot pots on your granite kitchen island, we recommend you to use hot pads or trivets. With that, the hot bottom surface of your pans and casseroles won’t directly touch your granite.

Meanwhile, always use wooden boards when using your knives for chopping or slicing. It protects your granite from scratches and dents, so better savings for you don’t have to call for professionals to repair it.

#6 Call for Professional Assistance for Granite Repairs and Sealing

Unlike quartz, when your granite countertops have some dents or cracks, it can be seamlessly repaired by professionals without the seams being visible. Why? It’s because of granite’s fine random veining patterns and color combinations that hides those visible seams.

At Gold Cabinets and Countertops, we offer a flexible price range for your granite countertops cost that meets your requirements. We have tons of collections in our showroom, which you can select for your kitchen island and bathroom countertop upgrades.

For your free estimates, fill out our online request form and wait for our response within 24 hours. Nevertheless, you can book for an onsite inspection and detailed proposal for a minimal service fee, which we can deduct from your overall billing. 

Call us now, or check us at Facebook anytime!

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