7 Stunning Black Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

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With so many countertop design ideas to choose from, it can be hard picking a material to have for your home, let alone a way on how you can have it installed inside your humble abode. Let’s try to narrow down the list first. Let’s first think of which countertop material is good for your home.

Currently, the favorite countertop of choice by many people is quartz. Quartz is a naturally occurring stone but it isn’t the one that’s used for your countertop dreams. Instead, quartz countertops are crushed into smaller bits and then mixed with a binding resin to produce a countertop that’s viable for use.

The result is a beautiful countertop that’s both durable, cheap, and most importantly, non-porous so it’s less impervious to staining. It’s the most popular countertop on the market and it shares the top spot with the likes of Marble and Granite. If you want a countertop that fits most of your needs, the quartz is definitely it.

Understandably, people can get picky with the quartz color they have for their countertop. Instead of the traditional light colors, people now love getting darker shades of countertop and for quartz, the black offerings are definitely some of the best that the countertop industry has to offer. That means it’s something you might want to consider getting as well.

If you are hoping to get a quartz countertop in the future and it’s black, then you’re in luck. We’re going to show you some 7 stunning black quartz ideas that you might want to consider for your kitchen so that you don’t have to think hard any further. Here are some great black quartz ideas to have your contractor do for you.

Black Quartz For Contemporary Bathrooms

Black quartz countertops go surprisingly well with metal accents like sinks. Basically, this makes black quartz the perfect countertop of choice especially for bathrooms. If you want to give your bathroom a contemporary look, then this might be the best countertop available for your home.

Most homeowners install black quartz countertops on their bathroom and then incorporate sinks and other fixtures into it. The result is a marvelous countertop that perfectly blends your bathroom’s fixtures with your home. It’s a good idea if you’re looking for a modern or contemporary look for your bathroom as well.

It would also be a good idea to make your entire bathroom a shade of black. Usually, bathrooms are light colored but this was so decades ago. You should explore more color options for your bathroom and black certainly is one of the best aesthetics out there that you shouldn’t overlook for your home.

Black Quartz For An Outdoor Countertop

If you have the space and the money to develop an outdoor dining kitchen or a dining area, you might want to pick black quartz as the material of choice. This countertop color is perfect for outdoor setups but most people just don’t realize it yet. The truth is that black really is the perfect color for outdoors for a few reasons.

For one, black countertops for outdoor setups are perfect because they’re less prone to getting dirt and debris from the elements. Well, the truth is that it does get those but it’s far less noticeable because of the black color. That being said, if your place is prone to raining and bad weather, then black quartz is the best choice outside.

Another good reason why quartz is perfect is that it just looks very beautiful when blended in with the natural colors of nature. Believe it or not, black quartz countertops can make your yard or patio look more luxurious and amazing. It’s the perfect choice for those that want to make their home look extra fancy.

Black Quartz With White Cabinets And Accents

At first, it may seem tough to find matching colors that quartz can do with but the truth is that they go well with a lot of colors. Our favorite color to see black quartz countertops with is white. Be it for your kitchen or for your bathroom, black quartz is really going to go well with white accents such as cabinets and fixtures.

The color contrast between black and white is perfect for modern kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, it can make the overall area look a lot bigger too. People tend to avoid this color combination because it’s too contrasting when in reality, it’s one of the best color combinations there is, especially for something like black quartz.

Aside from the fixtures and cabinetries, you should also look into changing the color of your tiles and walls so that they perfectly match the black quartz in your kitchen. It does take a lot of work to do this but the results are going to be an amazing investment for your kitchen that you can’t overlook.

Living Room Table

People think that quartz countertops are primarily used for the kitchen and bathroom but these are very versatile countertops. THey can be used for the living room as well. This is because the color of black quartz countertops can complement your living room very well and it works well as a centerpiece for this part of the house.

As a living room surface, you can use black quartz countertops as a means to put your living room decor in it. You can help make your decor standout even further when using black countertops as a living room table. You can watch your living room standout by giving it a countertop color it deserves.

When giving your living room a black quartz countertop, make sure that it’s not too large as you don’t want to to fully eat up the space in your living room. It would be great to just make it a small regular sized table that’s good on the eyes but is not too selfish on space.

Sleek Black Countertop Island

Countertop islands are very trendy nowadays. These make full use of the space inside your kitchen but most importantly, these also give you some extra room for work inside the kitchen as well. It’s the perfect choice for people that love to cook and for people that want to make their kitchens more comfortable to work in.

A kitchen island is basically a separate surface or countertop in your kitchen. It’s placed in the center and it can be used for various purposes. SOme use their kitchen islands for prep work, while others use their islands for  actual cooking. Black quartz countertop is a good countertop for a kitchen island.

This is the perfect choice because black quartz countertops are just too fancy. If you look into how it complements your kitchen well, you’ll be surprised at exactly how amazingly beautiful black quartz countertops are so make sure to get it for your kitchen if you are picking to make an island.

Black Dining Aesthetics

If you want to give your dining room a more luxurious approach, then you might want to make your black quartz countertop into a dining table for your home. If you partner it with black chairs and light-colored plates, then you’ll have an amazing dark aesthetic for your dining area and it’s something worth getting.

You can also partner black dining tables with wooden fixtures for your dining area. The result is a minimalistic dining experience that highlights the beauty that is a black quartz countertop and it’s something that can really make your kitchen glow..

Black Quartz With Gold Lighting

When people think of lighting for their kitchen or bathroom, they mostly think about light colors, However, we’ve found that the best lighting for black quartz countertops is gold. When shone on a black quartz countertop, the light gold color can make the countertop shine even further so it’s something worth getting.

As a countertop material, quartz can be very picky when it comes to lighting color. Keep in mind that black actually absorbs color so this means if you shine any color of light on it, you need to be very discerning about the color of light you choose as black and counter the color very well.

Getting a black quartz countertop might just be one of the best ideas you can make for home. Understandably, it can be hard to find a place for this type of countertop which is why it’s important that we help you with these great design ideas. These design ideas are at the top spot for a reason after all.

Of course, the countertop you choose for your home completely depends on your personal preferences and capacities. You can find your own ways to design black quartz countertops inside your home and it doesn’t have to be purely about what we say that you do. Hopefully, you can find a good way to incorporate quartz into your home.

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