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We specialize in selling high quality kitchen countertops for your remodeling needs. However, that is not all we have to offer. We carry only master brand countertops . These are available in a wide variety of countertop colors.

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Granite remains a popular surface because of its durability and overall natural beauty. Our granite product selection is deep and ever changing to reflect the current color trends and styles. If you are looking for a surface which reflects your unique aesthetic and delivers on performance, granite countertops are perfect for you.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz surface is man-made engineered stone made of quartz agglomerate, making it highly suitable for residential and heavy use commercial countertop applications. Quartz is known for its durable & low maintenance nature as it is highly stain, scratch & heat resistant. With its wide range of patterns, Quartz has become the product of choice.

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By selecting the finest raw materials, ensuring consistent quality and uniformity of appearance, our vision is to provide end users with kitchen experiences that are as impressive on the inside as they are on the outside. To be sure quality is applied throughout the entire construction, we’ve considered every single detail resulting in twelve individual elements that together make a countertop uncompromisingly solid and reliable.

Granite Countertops

Quartz Countertops

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    When home remodeling became so popular, a lot of people are going crazy about choosing the best material for their kitchen and bathroom countertops. The considered “Rolls Royce” of stone countertops is granite, and it dominated the playing field.

    However, not all people can afford the pricey beauty of natural granite stone, so another contender came into the ring. Quartz engineered stone became the closest nemesis of granite when it comes to countertop renovation.

    If you are ready to get a fresh look at your countertop, Gold Cabinets can show you many QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS COLORS in our collection. We provide serious detailing and redesigning to give you the best quartz engineered stone countertops.

    What are the pros and cons of quartz countertops?

    Before we move forward with the advantages and setbacks of quartz, do you know what it is made of? Quartz is never 100% natural, unlike granite. It is correct to say that it is an engineered or man-made stone because 5%-10% of its composition is polymer resin binders. The 90% of this stone are crushed minerals, a combination of granite, marble, quartz, feldspar, and more.

    All these components are mixed in a specific ratio and then manufactured into slabs from various production plants. This is quartz man-made stone in a nutshell. Now, let’s proceed with the corresponding pros and cons of quartz.


    Different Styles and Colors

    The innate process of producing quartz stone highly contributes to its numerous color and design variety. In comparison with granite, this man-made stone has more consistency with its veining and pigments.

    Consequently, we can customize the veining pattern and color combination of this material for your QUARTZ KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS. Likewise, we can impeccably mimic the beauty of granite and marble for your engineered quartz stone.

    If you have a small kitchen or bathroom, a QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS WHITE is most suitable. Why? Because it exudes an illusion of having a wider space. Likewise, it gives your area better brightness and vibrant ambiance.

    Undeniably Strong

    The durability and hardness of engineered quartz are on par with natural granite. There are even instances when this synthetic stone can resist more scratch and dents in your kitchen.

    Acidic spills and sharp objects will be less of a problem when using this material for your high-traffic kitchen counter.

    Enhances Appeal and Value

    Your kitchen and vanity tops can become the focal point of your remodeling when you have chosen the right style and material. If you want something in between granite and marble, quartz engineered stone is the ideal choice.

    The luxurious design of this synthetic stone proved effective in lifting the aesthetics and economic value of your property. A lot of buyers would look into the kitchen and bathroom of a house when they ocular inspection.

    Having a newly installed kitchen and QUARTZ BATHROOM COUNTERTOPS increasing your chance of a sale. It becomes the center of attraction in your renovation which captures the eyes of your prospective clients. Approximately, remodeling your countertops increases your resale value by 80%-90% of its total cost.

    Further, we can customize your QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS THICKNESS based on your preference. If you want to make a strong statement with your quartz countertops, then installing a thicker slab is an ideal choice.

    Low Cleaning and Maintenance

    Aside from price and appearance, you also have to look into the cleaning and maintenance requirements of your countertop material. QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS CLEANING is practically easy and simple compared to other natural stones.

    Why? That’s because of the mixed polymer resins inside your quartz slabs. These resin binders seal off the porous surfaces of minerals, thereby, increasing its resistance from stains and molds.

    Once our technicians have completely installed your new quartz kitchen and vanity tops, we shall give you insightful tips for QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS CARE. This is needed to preserve its pristine appearance and durability.


    Low UV Light Resistance

    One setback from this engineered stone would be its vulnerability to sunlight. When a quartz countertop is exposed for long hours under the sun, it tends to discolor. This is the reason why it is only recommended for indoor use.

    If you plan to install one outside your home, make sure to keep it under a shade to avoid fading of its colors.

    Visible Seams

    Quartz has high consistency with its color and style which makes its seams visible. This is also a major concern when you repair chips or cuts from your quartz countertops. The seams from the chipped off area will be highly visible.

    Low Heat Tolerance

    When you have a kitchen counter made from quartz, make sure to have hot pads or trivets where you will place those hot pans. This man-made mineral will tend to form dark burnt spots when it comes into direct contact with hot objects. The polymer resin binders are burnt forming those dark spots.

    Is Quartz better than granite?

    Practically, there is no definite baseline as quartz being completely better than granite, and vice versa. The final decision will always come from the client, whether he or she prefers quartz or other materials.

    There are some notable differences to pinpoint between quartz and granite. First off, quartz is oftentimes harder than granite. Second, quartz doesn’t need annual sealing, unlike granite, because the latter has a porous surface. Lastly, most styles of quartz come at an affordable cost than granite stone.

    Our seasoned designers and stone experts will help you analyze things for selecting the right material and style for your kitchen and bathroom vanities. Surely, quartz engineered stone is an excellent all-around choice for home remodeling.

    Can quartz be used for kitchen countertops?

    Many of our previous clients hired us to fabricate and install modern QUARTZ KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS. The impressive strength and anti-stain properties of this synthetic stone proved effective as your kitchen counter.

    Moreover, it genuinely lifts the elegant feel inside your kitchen without compromising functionality. QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS WHITE is a great option for small kitchen remodeling. It enhances the visual appearance and clean atmosphere.

    Are quartz countertops worth the money?

    Most homeowners who installed quartz engineered countertops were highly satisfied with the outcome of their renovation. Whether you want an antique or modern theme, synthetic quartz can be highly customized to meet your specifications. Likewise, its proven durability never failed them.

    Those who were reselling their property, installing a new quartz kitchen and bathroom vanities increased their resale value by 80%. These testimonials are strong evidence that investing in quartz countertops is worth every penny.

    How much do quartz countertops cost?

    Generally, quartz is more economical than natural granite. Currently, QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS AVERAGE COST is between $50 to $120 per square foot installed. Most homeowners pay approximately $1,000 to $4,000 for their QUARTZ COUNTERTOP INSTALLATION COST.

    Before you start renovating your kitchen and bath, you can use QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS COST ESTIMATOR provided by almost all contractors in the industry. With that, you have a better judgment on how much you need to allocate for your countertop makeover.

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