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    When it comes to the arena of home remodeling, one of the best candidates for your countertop renovation is marble stone. In your kitchen and bath makeover, investing in the best countertop can make it the central attraction of your space. Gold Cabinets have plenty of MARBLE COUNTERTOPS COLORS in our showroom for you to choose from.

    If you want to ensure proper handling and accurate installation for your MARBLE KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS, then you can lean on us anytime. We do residential and commercial remodeling in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

    Without any delays, below are the vital details that you need to know before investing in your lifetime marble countertops.

    What are the pros and cons of marble countertops?

    Now, let us get into the nitty-gritty details of our contender marble natural stone. Like other countertop materials, it has its benefits and gripes that you need to embrace before deciding to install one in your home.

    Pros of Marble Stone

    • More Elegance and Hues Available

    You can see marble slabs and tiles everywhere, starting from your floor tiles, to your backsplash, and then countertops. Unlike granite, there are more marble countertops colors to choose from our collection. Some hues available include salmon pink, blueish-gray, gray, feathery white, blueish-black, pink, red, and rich deep black.

    Two of the best classic choices are WHITE AND BLACK MARBLE COUNTERTOPS. Both exude a timeless and classic beauty with a flair of modernism in your kitchen and BATHROOM MARBLE COUNTERTOPS.

    WHITE MARBLE COUNTERTOPS fits best for those with petite kitchen and bathroom areas. It creates a brighter, cooler, and airy ambiance in your narrow space. In contrast, black marble countertops are an exciting choice when you want a dramatic feel and strong contrast in your remodeling.

    There is also variety in the veining and grain patterns of your natural and CULTURED MARBLE COUNTERTOPS. Its patterns can range from a subtle impact to a much bolder appeal. Meanwhile, some of its textures and patterns can be feathery and linear creating better consistency and contemporary appeal.


    • Different Types of Marble Countertops

    We also showcase many types of marble stones that are cost-effective options for your home makeover. Two of the most popular marble brands are Calacatta and Carrara. Below are brief descriptions of each type.

    • Carrara: A go-to choice for most homeowners because of its white background with gray veining and feathery texture. It impeccably lifts the curb appeal and value of your kitchen and bath with its exotic and mesmerizing appearance.
    • Calacatta: It is typically being confused with Carrara because of their parallel features. However, there is a distinction with Calacatta because its white background is purer and thicker than Carrara. You can also see some gray and gold linear veinings in its surface.
    • Statuary: This is the dramatic cousin fo Carrara that is also mined in the Carrara area. The gray patterns in its translucent white background create that dramatic appeal in your countertops. Moreover, it has a more glossy surface, thereby, increasing the vibrancy in your kitchen and bath.
    • Other Types: The other two types of marble stone are Nero Marquina and Crema Marfil marbles. The former is a rich deep black marble stone originating from Spain. Meanwhile, the latter has a beige or light-yellow background that exudes a modern minimalist appeal in your makeover.
    • Good Heat Tolerance

    Similar to granite, marble stone has a reliable resistance against heat. We can fairly install a marble countertop for your kitchen and baking area. However, you still need to take note of our MARBLE COUNTERTOPS CARE to effectively preserve its looks and condition.

    Cons of Marble Stone

    • High Maintenance

    If you are prepared to embrace the high maintenance of marble, then there will be no problem. Most of our clients know they care and maintenance required to keep the pristine appeal of natural marble.

    Marble is innately porous, so it is prone to staining and molds. To prevent this from happening, we always seal off the surface of marble slabs, before installing in your countertops. We offer affordable monthly and annual sealing maintenance for your precious marble stone.

    • Prone to Scratch and Dents

    Marble is derived from limestone that has gone metamorphosis until it is made as such. This natural stone has an innate soft structure, making it susceptible to dents, scratches, and acidic solutions.

    When you install marble kitchen countertops, make sure to use chopping boards to avoid damages from sharp objects. Avoid storing vinegar, lime, and other acidic solutions on top of your marble counter, for it can cause dents on the surface.

    Further, always use trivets when placing hot pans on top of your marble kitchen countertop. With this, you are preventing the sealant coating from getting burnt. You can also use coasters for your cold drinks, so no water can touch on its surface.

    • Pricey

    Marble is one of those countertop materials that come at a higher cost. This is attributed to the elegant design and demand for marble in the industry. Nonetheless, we can give you a cost-efficient price for installing an excellent marble countertop for your kitchen and bath redo.

    How to take care of marble countertops?

    Caring for your natural marble is not that difficult, since our stone experts will be sharing with you some MARBLE COUNTERTOPS CARE tips. Below are some of the notable things you can do to maintain your marble countertops.

    • Observe periodic sealing to keep its anti-stain and anti-microbial properties
    • Only use neutral dishwashing solution and soft microfiber when cleaning its surface
    • Use trivets when placing hot items on top
    • Use coasters when placing a glass of cold drinks
    • Always use a chopping board when using knives

    What is the difference between granite and marble countertops?

    Have you heard of the relentless debate between marble and granite? Here, we are going to make a fair comparison between these two stone countertops.

    • Design and Appearance
    Both natural stones have varied specks of colors running across their background. These pigments can be gray, blue, pink, green, gold, black, and more. For granite, these specks and veining patterns are much finer and varied. Whereas, marble has better color consistency and bolder veining designs across its surface.

    • Durability and Strength
    There is no doubt, granite is harder than marble stone. We can link that to the mineral composition of granite (igneous rock), that has been subjected to extreme pressure and temperature. In contrast, marble is highly at risk with dents and scratches from sharp and hard objects.

    • Care and Maintenance
    Both natural stones have a porous surface, so we need to perform sealing before installation. Overall, granite’s care and maintenance are on average, while marble requires more attention and cleaning. If you are ready to accept and love marble’s gripes, then you can enjoy its beauty even more.

    How much do marble countertops cost?

    Generally, marble’s price is slightly higher than the granite. The latter’s price starts at $75 per square foot installed, while MARBLE COUNTERTOPS AVERAGE COST starts at $100 per square foot installed.

    Price is always relevant to quality. Consequently, MARBLE COUNTERTOP PRICES differs from one location and supplier to another. So far, we offer a highly competitive rate when it comes to installing marble countertops in your home.

    You can use our MARBLE COUNTERTOPS COST ESTIMATOR to know how much are you expected to pay for our service. Nonetheless, our MARBLE COUNTERTOPS INSTALLATION COST is greatly cost-efficient for your tight budget.

    Are you ready to splurge beauty and elegance in your kitchen and bathroom countertops? Call us today so you can book an early appointment with us.

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