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You now have the best kitchen stove, oven, knife set, and basically every other amenity in your kitchen. Despite this, your kitchen still feels lacking somehow. It may be because you are lacking a great kitchen countertop to complement all of your other amenities. Of all the countertops to choose from, a quartz countertop should be what you are looking for.

Countertops come in various shapes, sizes, and materials too. For the luxury option, people tend to choose marble which is a natural stone that’s both beautiful and sturdy. Those looking for something more economical look for man-made countertops. These ones are made from concrete, recycled glass bottles, and much more.

If you are looking for something in between, then you are looking for a quartz countertop. This popular option for kitchen owners nationwide is easily available from various contractors. Before you buy one for your kitchen, you might want to know about these countertops more. Here are seven things you probably don’t know about quartz countertops.

The Origin Of Quartz

Obviously, there are many manufacturers of these countertops. They all have their take on the popular countertop but in truth, all of them are based on the same patent. That patent comes from an Italy-based company called Breton. This special company introduced the world to the technology that made the most popular quartz countertops possible in 1963.

When the company trademarked the patent, it was then called Bretonstone. Manufacturers of these countertops have to get a license for the patent first. Companies are free to incorporate their own take on the countertop. At its very core however, they are using the same tried and tested patent that has been around for years already.

We never really know why they made the patent in the first place. However, it’s likely because someone discovered how compatible the material is in the kitchen. It’s heat and scratch resistant after all.

They Aren’t Made From Pure Quartz

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but these countertops aren’t made from pure quartz. It will be very expensive and impractical to get a countertop made from pure quartz. Instead, these are engineered quartz countertops. This means they are mixed with various industrial waste such as glass, silica, and ceramics. This makes the products cheaper and it makes them more fit as a countertop material as well.

In truth, quartz and a mixture of others rocks makes up 90% of the countertop as most.  The remaining 10% are resin binders which are crucial for keeping the entire piece together. It’s an engineered piece of stone. Despite this, the best grade of quartz countertops looks and feels just like the real thing.

It’s also for the best to make these countertops only part quartz. For starters, they will be more expensive. Another reason why it’s good is that it doesn’t leave a bigger impact on the environment when a limited amount of quartz is mined.

One of the qualms with natural countertops like marble and soapstone is that they aren’t eco-friendly. Manufacturers have to take these huge pieces of stone from the environment after all. It used to be that people thought that quartz countertops aren’t eco-friendly as well. However, you’d be surprised at the truth behind quartz.

To make matters even better, the binders used in production are now made from natural ingredients. With the help of Breton, there’s now a thing called Biolenic resins. This is made from a combination of synthetic and natural resins which mostly come from vegetable oils. If you love the environment, then a quartz countertop shouldn’t worry you.

Average Cost Of Quartz Countertops

To cut it short, a countertop made from quartz is not as expensive as marble. It’s also not as cheap as most man-made countertops. It’s somewhere in between. However, as there are many kinds of quartz countertops to choose from, you can find one that fits your budget perfectly. Let’s first go take a look at the best grade of quartz.

The premium-grade of quartz countertops can cost around $120-200 per square feet. If an average kitchen sizes up to about 60 square feet, you are looking at around $7,200-12,000 for this kind. If you have a smaller kitchen, your spending for the countertop can be at around $1,800 – 2,250. As this is the premium kind, it has better quality. Aside from being more durable, it also looks more natural than the other kinds.

The lower grade of quartz countertops cost around $100 per square feet. The good news is that these are just as durable as your top-grade quartz countertop. However, the main difference lies in its appearance. These countertops come in more solid colors, hence, they look far less natural than the premium kind.

There are two other lower grades of quartz. The other one costs $60-75 per square feet. Again, it retains the same durability as the previous variants. However, this time, it looks more synthetic than other quartz. Last but not the least is commercial grade quartz which cost $35-50 per square feet. These come in plain and simpler colors.

Of course, you also have to consider the installation fee of the countertops. You can spend up to $15-30 per square feet depending on the contractor that you choose. Quartz isn’t the kind of a countertop that you can install on your own. It’s true that there are countertops you can DIY install but this isn’t one of them.

Before you buy a countertop, it’s a must that you know exactly what it is that you need. The cheaper options are great too so don’t ever count them out.

Quartz Is Around You

Due to its surge in popularity, people now associate quartz as being a material that’s solely used for countertops. What may surprise you is the fact that these kinds of countertops were only made popular in recent history. You might not notice it but quartz is all around you. They’re not just seen in kitchens as what many would have you believe.

Where else can you see quartz you ask? For starters, if you’ve been to the airport or even to the shopping mall, you didn’t just see quartz. You most likely walked on it. Engineered quartz is used to create flooring tiles as well. It’s a premium choice for tile manufacturers as aside from being beautiful, quartz is also very durable.

It Actually Lowers The Price Of Granite

Quartz countertops are slowly edging over the countertop industry. It seems like more and more people are just drawn to this kind of countertop as compared to other variants. Aside from its durability, people also love the fact that it’s cheaper than natural stone. As more of these countertops are being produced and demanded, it is also lowering the price of granite.

Granite countertops are also a popular choice. What makes them a hit is that they are natural stones but they are far cheaper than marble. If you plan on installing granite countertops in the future, thank quartz first. As they single-handedly decreased the demand for granite countertops, manufacturers of such countertops had to lower their prices.

It’s No Longer Competes With Natural Stones

When it was first introduced, many saw quartz countertops as a competitor to soapstone, granite, and marble. However, people began to see the countertops as being something that has a league of its own. It no longer contends with those natural stones. As it is the best of both man-made countertops and natural stone countertops, it has created a bigger name for itself.

This may not seem like crucial information. However, you have to consider the fact that as more people demand for quartz countertops, the lower the price of natural stones will be. What’s even better is that the technology behind the development of these countertops continues to evolve. Eventually, these will become cheaper, more durable, and more eco-friendly.

It Comes In Various Finishes

There are various upsides to quartz not being natural countertops. First of that it is cheaper than other natural stone countertops like marble and granite. Another upside to it is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the customization of your countertop. For starters, they come in a blend of resin and stone so you can practically choose any color and pattern you want.

Marble is well-known because not one slab is the same with the other, thus each owner has a unique slab. The same can be said for quartz countertops if you have yours customized.

A quartz countertop might just be what your kitchen needs right now. As there are many options to choose from, there’s bound to be types of quartz countertops that fit your budget. Of course, this also means that there are variants that fit the overall aesthetic of your house and kitchen. If you are looking to invest in a countertop, why not go all out and get quartz?

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