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If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to granite, then engineered quartz countertops are a great contender. It’s known for its unquestionable strength and design versatility for your kitchen and bathroom vanity tops.

When you’re eyeing for the best quartz countertops, you must know its pros and cons before installing one. In this read, we are sharing the positive and negative side of this cultured stone for your upgrades.

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Best Benefits of Engineered Quartz Countertops

Excellent Material for Modern Homes

Whether you like a modern look or the classic appeal of natural stone, we have different types of quartz countertops to suit your tastes. Compared to natural stones, quartz is cultured, so its design can be easily modified to match your home decor.

When you want to have a contemporary minimalist kitchen, stark white quartz countertops are the go-to choice. We have done several projects where we created a streamlined approach with the kitchen cabinets and countertops of our clients.

Indeed, the outcome was immaculate, and a simple recessed or pendant lights spruced the brilliance and clean ambiance of the kitchen.

Nevertheless, there are other palettes and textures to choose from to match your dream kitchen redo on a budget.

Wide Range of Colors and Styles

Comparing natural stones and quartz, the latter has more variety of colors and styles, which is beneficial for you. The main trait you’ll see for this engineered stone will be its finer veining patterns and higher color consistency.

With that, you have no worries injecting your personality in upgrading your kitchen island and quartz bathroom countertops. Moreover, always choose a color that marries with your cabinets and backsplash.

Impeccable Resilient to Stains, Moisture, and Bacteria

Unlike granite and marble, engineered quartz is naturally non-porous due to its polymer resin binders. Luckily, that makes quartz stone water-proof, and resistant to bacteria and stains.

Requires Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

Besides elegance and durability, most customers also look into the cleaning requirements of the material. Fortunately, quartz is very easy to clean, for you will only use a neutrally-pH dishwashing solution, lukewarm water, and soft cloth for the task.

In terms of sealing maintenance, you are free from this burden since quartz is already non-porous. Nevertheless, if you like professional assistance with polishing quartz countertops, you can always turn to us. 

Setbacks of Engineered Quartz Countertops

We’re done with the advantages of this wonderful stone, now let’s embrace its gripes to strike a balance. Moreover, we offer an affordable average cost of quartz countertops installation for your kitchen and bath. Simply give us a short call today.

Prone To Heat Damage and UV Rays

Just like Superman who weakens with Kryptonite, your most popular quartz countertops also have its weaknesses – heat and ultraviolet rays. These two things are the worst nemesis of your engineered quartz countertops, which prevents it from being an outdoor countertop.

Typically, it can crack when your hot object is more than 400 F. In line, when you’re placing hot pans and casseroles on your quartz kitchen island, make sure to place a mat or hot pad in between your hot item and quartz.

Consequently, heat and UV rays will discolor your lovely quartz, since the resin binders will be burnt.

Price can Increase Depending on Quality and Thickness

Just like other countertop materials, quartz doesn’t come cheap like laminates and ceramics. The starting price of this stone is $75 to $100 per square foot, where it can go higher as quality improves.

Moreover, opting for a thicker slab will also increase your cost for your material. In line, make sure to ask your contractor for their price list or a free estimate for your desired specifications.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent long-term investment, especially when you’re planning to resell your house in the future.

Integrated Sinks Are Not Feasible

Because of the weight and sensitivity of this material, incorporating a sink in your quartz countertop will be hard. Nevertheless, we can cut out the desired hole required for your single or double sink basins upon reaching your place.

Looking For A Reliable Quartz Countertops Contractor

Gold Cabinets and Countertops is one of the best locally operated and owned remodeling contractors and suppliers of high-quality materials for cabinets and countertops.

We offer flexible prices to match your budget and specifications all the time. Moreover, all of our technicians are well-trained, licensed, and bonded.

If you need a free estimate, fill out our request form or call our office today. Meanwhile, if you like a more detailed quotation, then book for an onsite inspection for a minimal service fee, which we can deduct from your overall billable.

Call us now, or check us at Facebook anytime!

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