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When you think of beautifying your outdated kitchen and bathroom, you seamlessly associate that with elegant custom granite countertops. Well, this natural stone has been the winning choice of several homeowners when it comes to bringing life and aesthetics to your home decor. 

Besides that, we cannot take away the fact, that people associate granite as a pricey choice for your home remodeling. However, for a reasonable price, granite can efficiently remove the boredom in your property, while increasing its resale value.

Are you planning to install one in your home? In that case, you can contact your local granite fabricators to have it done for you. However, if you haven’t found one yet, you can lean on us Gold Cabinets & Countertops

Furthermore, we are featuring the best benefits of granite in your home and commercial space. Continue reading to find out more.

A Brief About Granite

It is an igneous rock that has superb qualities that fits your kitchen island and granite bathroom countertops. Despite its porous surface, we can efficiently treat your granite slabs before installing them into your kitchen and bathrooms.

Likewise, when you want to make your home more welcoming and elegant, then you can never be wrong with installing the best granite countertops in the market. If you need a free quote for this endeavor, feel free to give us a short call today.

Amazing Styles and Colors Available for You

Granite slabs have exotic natural hues and patterns which capture the heart of every home. It has a subtle veining pattern than marble, where its background has undertones of gold, gray, white, black, tan brown, and blue.

With our different types of granite countertops, we can effectively bring life and classic beauty to your new kitchen and vanity tops. In line with this, here are the best colors of granite slabs used in most home renovations.

  • Alaska White Granite Countertops

The neutral tone of its background seamlessly blends well with any type of cabinetry, backsplash, and walls. If you choose darker wood cabinetry, then your granite kitchen countertop stands out from the picture. 

  • Black Pearl Granite with Leather Finish

It has a deep rich black background which resembles that of a black pearl. What makes it more exciting will be the specks of gold, gray, and white tones scattered over the background. 

  • Blue Pearl Granite Countertops

You will be mesmerized by the exciting color combinations of beige, blue, and gray in this granite slab. It has a metallic blue background with streaks and dots of gray and black. For your luxurious kitchen and bathroom, this one is your best candidate.

  • Icy White Granite Countertops

If you love the coolness of winter, then this granite slab is your perfect choice. It has an overall white icy background with undertones of black, gray, and blue. With this, your rustic or dark-toned cabinetry will effortlessly pop out from the picture.

Appraises Your Property’s Economic Value

Indeed, even the cheap granite countertops can effectively lift the aesthetics and elegance of your home. Besides that, homeowners choose this lucrative gemstone because of its capacity to increase your home’s overall resale value.

The estimated return for installing granite countertops is around 50% to 75% of your granite countertops’ cost. Therefore, if your overall cost for installing a granite kitchen countertop is $10,000, then $5,000 of it is added to your property’s resale value.

Furthermore, when by injecting more functionality and improvements to your kitchen and powder room, you are increasing your chance of getting a good buyer.

Impeccable Strength That Lasts A Lifetime

With granite’s structure, it has an excellent reputation for withstanding dents, cracks, and blunt force in your high-traffic kitchen. It also makes an ideal contender for your lucrative vanity tops.

Despite its proven hardness, we still recommend that you use your wooden boards when chopping your ingredients and spices for meals. 

Easy to Customize

No matter what granite countertop stores you go to, customizing your granite slab is easy with our modern technology and machine. During the fabrication stage, we can easily cut the exact dimension of the granite slab matching your kitchen layout.

Likewise, we can readily modify the edge profiles and finish of your granite stone countertops. Getting a polished finish and beveled edge for your granite is one of the go-to choices of the locals.

Hassle-free to Repair Dents and Cracks

Unlike cultured stones, if there are cracks or dents on your slab, it is highly visible and difficult to repair. However, with granite, a trained professional can seamlessly fix those cracks or dents with the right tool and material.

Likewise, the seams will be less visible due to their natural veining patterns and exotic color combo which naturally hides it. If you need technical assistance with this matter, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Seamless To Clean and Care

Granite stone is naturally porous, yet we can treat that before installation. After doing that, your granite countertops will be easier to clean and maintain. With the sealing process, it becomes more resistant to stains and water. 

Furthermore, when you choose a glossy finish, dust and food crumbs can be easily wiped down with a clean dry cloth. In terms of DIY care and cleaning, all you need is a dishwashing soap solution, warm water, and soft cloth or microfiber.

Never use an abrasive scrubber when wiping your granite countertops, to avoid peeling off the sealant coating.

Green Material

Granite slabs are also easily sourced in different places and a lot of manufacturers are also producing cultured granite slabs to recycle raw materials. Besides that, using this natural stone for your kitchen and vanity countertops is greatly safe because they are treated already.

Moreover, all stone manufacturers are having an energy-efficient process for creating your most precious granite slabs for countertops and home renovation.

It Can Tolerate Heat

Considering that granite is an igneous rock, it has excellent heat resistance, so your oven and cooktops will be tolerable to it. With this innate trait, homeowners are more enticed to choose this stone for their high-traffic kitchen.

Nevertheless, to practice proper care and maintenance, we still recommend that you use your hot trivets and pads before placing those hot casseroles and pan on your kitchen island.

Need A Reliable Granite Countertops Installer / Contractor?

Gold Cabinets & Countertops is one of the locally operated and owned stone countertops fabricators and installers near you. We have licensed, trained, and insured technicians to assist you with this situation.

Moreover, we always give you the best price offer for installing the most suitable granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom renovations. Contact us today for your onsite measurement or a free consultation.

Call us now, or check us on Facebook anytime!

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