10 Practical Ideas To Cut Your Bathroom Remodeling Costs

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One big factor that looms over the heads of many homeowners is the fear that bathroom remodeling costs could prevent them from getting their dream bathroom. Also, estimating bathroom remodeling costs can easily make your heart beat and your head spin.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep the costs of bathroom remodeling low so you can feel better about your project. Even master bathroom remodeling costs can be kept in check with the right techniques.

In this post, our experts will teach you how to save on bathroom remodeling costs. With this knowledge, remodeling costs for bathrooms big and small will be lower than you expect.

Be Patient And Take Your Time

Being in a rush to remodel your bathroom is a good way to make costs escalate. If you allow yourself time to find the right materials and team, you can save a lot.

You can start collecting items you will need for your bathroom remodel when they come on sale. With a little patience, you can easily save five or more percent on your bathroom remodeling costs.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Goes A Long Ways

If your bathroom is looking old and tired, a fresh coat of paint could be the biggest key to making it look amazing. This is also a cheap way to make your bathroom like new.

New paint might even make you realize that the rest of your bathroom is fine, and you can skip all of that hard work if bathroom remodeling. This is a major tip that many people don’t consider. 

Painting is also a very do it yourselfable project so you can save more on labor costs. With a little online learning and some good supplies, you can become a master painter in no time at all.

Leave Your Bathroom The Same Size

Trying to expand your bathroom to get some extra room can be prohibitively expensive. If you can find ways to make your bathroom feel bigger without expansion, that will save you a lot.

You can do some simple tricks to make your bathroom feel bigger, like:

  • Paint it white
  • Add a window
  • New light fixtures
  • Wall mounted toilet

A light colored bathroom looks bigger because the walls reflect more light. This also saves you on your electricity bills becuas you can use less lighting.

Don’t Change Your Plumbing

When you change the location of your sink, shower or toilet, you need to pay a highly skilled and highly paid plumber to do it. If you can find a way to work around your existing plumbing, those dollars can be spent elsewhere.

Sometimes if your pipes are old and worn out you will need to have a lot of plumbing work done. This is unfortunate for your budget, and you will have to find other ways to save some money.

Laminate Flooring Is Your Friend

While most people desire a fancy tile floor for their bathroom, laminate gets the job done and looks amazing as well. This option also comes at about a theid of the price of tile flooring, which really helps your bathroom remodeling costs.

Lamimate comes in many patterns and colors to suit your desires. It also is an excellent waterproof option for wet bathrooms.

You can achieve many surprising looks with laminate and it is worth your consideration. The labor costs will also be less because it doesn’t take a specialty worker to do it.

Shop For Used Building Materials 

There are used building supply shops in most areas, and there you can find some great deals on bathroom fixtures. This option is also good for the planet because the items won’t fill upma landfill.

Many people throw away bathroom fixtures well before they wear out. This is a perfect chance to get some beautiful items to make your bathroom amazing and low cost.

You may need to keep an open mind and let the items you can find inspire your design. It can be like treasure hunting and you are sure to end up with a bathroom full of personality.

Prefabricated Shower Stalls 

There are many options out there for designs and sizes of shower stalls. This saves you a lot of money over having a custom tiled shower built.

Prefabricated Shower stalls last for a lifetime and you won’t have to worry about them leaking. Leaks in tiled showers happen more often than contractors like to admit.

You could also consider refinishing your exisitng bathtub. This can make your bathtub look like new and is much more affordable than getting a new one.

Open Shelves Give Your Storage At A Low Price

If you need to add some storage space as part of your remodel, open shelving is the budget friendly choice. Custom bathroom cabinets look amazing, but they come with a high price tag.

You can store anything you need to on shelves. Plus, they give you space to decorate. You can paint your shelves a complimentary, matching, or contrasting color to give your space a cool effect.

Open shelves also let more light travel around the bathroom so your space feels more open and airy. This could be critical in humid places and will help your things dry out faster.

Incorporate Plants Into Your Design

You may not think too hard about plants when you want to save money on your bathroom remodel, but they are a wonderful, low cost focal point. They also create fresh air and make you feel calm.

Plants are actually cheaper than many other items you could use to decorate your bathroom. They will also give your space a unique look that you can feel proud of.

Donate Your Used Items

If you are demolishing your old bathroom, save the usable fixtures and donate them. You can get a tax deduction for the donation amount, and that gives you more money to spend on your bathroom remodel.

This is also a sustainable choice that keeps.your used items out of landfills. Other people will be happy to buy your unwanted but usable items for a discounted price, it’s a real win win.

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