Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Make A Huge Impact On Your Home’s Value

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Renovating your bathroom is one excellent way to increase your home value. Learn about the best designs here.

So, are you thinking of revamping your outdated bathroom? You’re making the best decision since improving your master bath or powder rooms can improve your home’s resale value. We can help you think of the best bathroom remodeling ideas that make sense for your home.

Smart remodeling bathroom ideas that improve home value

Here we’re going to feature trending bathroom remodeling ideas 2022. Our designers carefully compiled all these designs to make it easier for you to choose and decide which is a perfect fit for you.

Plan and implement practical improvements

We couldn’t emphasize this more, considering many homeowners want to save on cost while maximizing the value-adding benefits of a bathroom remodel. That said, you need to check on the important areas in your bathroom:

  • Sinks and faucets
  • Tiles and flooring
  • Lighting
  • Vanity top
  • Walk-in shower and fixtures
  • Tub
  • Storage

All the things you’re updating inside your bathroom must be focused on improving your daily routine inside the bathroom. It must also make your space more elegant than before.

Hidden tank and floating vanity

If you look into trending small bathroom remodeling ideas, you’d see the popularity of hidden tanks in their toilets. It makes your bathroom more spacious and modern. For those with smaller footprints, this is an excellent choice. You can tell your contractor to hide your toilet tank into the wall to save space and make it seamless.

To complement this idea, having a floating vanity is also good. You get to maximize floor space by putting a basket underneath for storing extra linens and tissue papers. Installing a vessel sink on top is an exceptional pair for your floating vanity top.

Textured Shower Floor tiles 

For the safety of the user, changing your old shower floors with small textured tiles is best. It helps improve your foot’s grip on the floor, preventing slipping. Hexagonal or pentagon-shaped tiles with a matte or rough finish are ideal for this.

We can also install a grab bar at the sides or behind your shower door to guide the people using the shower. 

If you have a transitional bathroom layout, we can also use the same tile for the bathroom floor. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are mostly used since they are affordable and abundant in supply.

A window near your shower or tub

In most ideas for remodeling a bathroom, installing a window over your shower area or tub is recommended. That’s because it helps remove excess moisture, keeping your master bath comfortable and fresh.

By adding a window, you’re also allowing natural light to come in. This also helps you connect the outdoors to your bathroom. Alternatively, you can also install an active exhaust system to draw out moisture from your bathroom.

Touchless faucet and good lighting

If you want to have some modern technology in your bathroom, you can do that by installing a touchless faucet. This is friendly for your children and seniors. They can easily turn on or off the faucet while there’s less contamination on your faucet and sink.

Additionally, installing modern lighting fixtures would also be great. There are some lighting that has motion sensors or can be remotely controlled. This is just an option, which can up the value and function of your bathroom remodel. 

Avoid cold feet! Install a heated flooring 

You can also install a heated flooring system outside your shower area. This will warm up your cold feet after a shower. The cost of this is not that much while the benefits last longer.

Pick the right bathroom countertop and cabinets

Your bathroom vanity and countertop are some of the focal points in a bathroom remodel. We can help you pick, customize, and install the best bathroom cabinets and stone countertops. One that enhances the storage and beauty of your bathroom.

In most ideas for small bathroom remodeling, homeowners make the most out of their new cabinets and vanity tops. It’s an opportunity to improve the storage and appearance of your master bath and powder rooms.

Choosing the right color and material are the two critical things you need to look into for that matter. Gold Cabinets and Countertops can help you make the right decision for that.

Keep humidity low

In most cases for remodeling small bathroom ideas, moisture regulation is always there. This is so since it impacts the sanitation of your space. When there’s too much moisture, it promotes the growth of molds and mildews. This is a huge headache for most homeowners, especially when they have allergies.

That said, you need to plan about installing an active exhaust system in your bathroom. This can be installed near your shower area, or on top of your main bathroom door.

Cost-Efficient Showerhead plumbing

Did you notice that your utility cost increased? That’s probably because of the higher electricity consumption needed to pump water to your showerhead. Or, it could be that you’re using too much water in your bathroom.

Regardless of the reason, modifying your plumbing to make it low-flow is your best option. By doing that, you need less electricity for your water pump, and less water to waste.

Invest in long-term

How often do you renovate your master bath or guest powder rooms? Maybe every five to ten years? Our main point, you need to invest in durable materials that last long. Don’t settle for products that’ll easily wear out in one to two years. That’s costly and a hassle on your part.

In all our bathroom projects, we always give quality products and materials to our clients. These are elegant and durable fixtures coming from trusted brands in the industry. We want the best service for homeowners since we want them to improve their home value and comfort.

What are your thoughts there?

So, we love to hear your opinion about the topic. Knowing your preferences and dislikes is great since it helps us improve and give you the best customer experience. We understand how challenging and costly are home improvements, so we want them to be worthwhile for you.

Should you need help designing and planning your bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us at 703-952-3167 for inquiries or appointments.

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