Best Countertops For Busy Kitchens

Best Countertops For Busy Kitchens

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Tuncer Dagdelen

Tuncer Dagdelen

One of the critical areas when remodeling your kitchen is changing the material of your kitchen countertop. Like other homeowners, you would emphasize more on the durability aspect followed by its design.

Today we are featuring the best kitchen countertops that can highly compete with the harsh conditions inside your kitchen. Always remember that each type of kitchen countertops will have its respective strengths and weakness that you need to embrace.

1. Engineered Quartz Stone

This cultured stone rocks the arena of countertop remodeling, and now it is closely competing with natural granite. It is 90% to 95% made from pulverized quartz and other minerals, while the remaining portion is polymer resin binders.

When engineered quartz came to existence, the eloquence and price of granite tone down since it is an excellent alternative to natural stone. Below are the pros and cons of quartz kitchen countertops.


  • Plenty of design, hue, and texture variations
  • It is naturally resistant to stains and moisture due to its polymer resin binders
  • It is harder than granite
  • Usually cheaper than granite


  • It has low resistance to heat and sunlight
  • It requires professional installation and customization

2. Natural Granite

It is considered the Rolls Royce among stone countertops because of its unparalleled beauty and elegance. You can choose an array of palettes and patterns from our granite stone collection for your kitchen countertop installation.


  • No two slabs have the same pattern
  • Exquisite veining pattern and color transition
  • Highly resistant to heat, dents, scratch, and cracks
  • Increases your property’s economic value


  • Requires periodic sealing to protect its mineral pores from moisture and stains
  • You need to hire a professional for its customization and installation
  • Designs are lesser than cultured stones

3. Creamy Soapstone and Pristine Marble Stone – h2

If you can take the sensitivity of these natural stones, then it can quickly marry to your cutting board today. Soapstone has a natural white or off-white creamy look that gradually develops a patina over time. If you admire having a classic and warm appeal in your kitchen, then it is a great choice.

Meanwhile, marble is well-known for its prestige and luxurious appearance. Despite its soft nature, a lot of our customers still love to have it. Like granite, no two slabs will have the same appearance and pattern.


  • Classic theme and natural warmth for soapstone
  • Marvelous modern appeal from marble
  • Both stones have good heat resistance
  • Both can take on light dents and scratches
  • Appraises the value of your home


  • Prone to dents and scratches
  • Requires annual sealing for marble
  • Pricey for marble

4. Affordable Laminates

Laminate countertops have the most affordable price than natural and man-made stones. Due to advanced technology, its durability is now improved because of its multi-layered construction.

The top layer is where you will see the designs, while the core layer is medium-density particleboard. Lastly, its bottom layer is covered with phenolic resins which enhances its protection against water and moisture. Overall, laminates can be your best option for affordable kitchen countertops.


  • Cheaper price
  • Improved designs and durability
  • Can be installed on your own
  • Resistant to spills and moisture


  • Low resistance against cuts and scratches

5. Solid Surface

It has comparable features with engineered quartz stone, where you have more options for designs and colors. Looking at its durability and aesthetics, it can work well for your kitchen island, vanity tops, sink counters, backsplash, flooring, and more.

Solid surface is one of our promising materials for your modern kitchen countertops. You can visit our showroom to see our lovely collections for your kitchen countertops.


  • It offers more varied styles and patterns than natural stones
  • Flexible in its function
  • Great resistance against stains, small dents, and nicks
  • Reasonable price
  • Hardness is reliable for kitchen conditions


  • It has low resistance against sharp objects

6. Recycled Glass

It is one of the green materials you can have for your kitchen countertops and backsplashes. Glasses are naturally resistant to stains, heat, scratch, and cuts. Moreover, it greatly enhances the modern appeal in your kitchen makeover. 

If you are thinking of an excellent candidate for your outdoor kitchen countertops, then the recycled glass is one of them.


  • Larges glass piece designs have a more serene appeal than those smaller glass pieces assembled
  • Proven immunity against stains, light nicks, scratches, and cuts
  • Excellent for modern kitchen
  • Enhances the brightness of your space


  • Some glass countertops can easily develop a small crack from extreme heat exposure

7. Butcher Block or Hardwood

Besides soapstone and marble, butcher block is an excellent candidate when you want a nostalgic appeal and warmth inside your kitchen. Some of the good hardwood materials are oakwood, maple, pine, and more.


  • Provides an earthly warmth in your kitchen redo
  • Flexible edge profiles and finish
  • Cheaper price than granite and quartz


  • Needs varnishing to increase its immunity against stains and spills
  • Prone to scratch and cuts, yet it can be sanded out easily

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