Top 10 Granite Countertop Types To Choose From For Your Kitchen

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Different types of granite countertops for your busy kitchen. Explore them and choose the perfect one to make your kitchen more valuable and functional.

Your kitchen countertop undergoes wear and tear daily. It gets scratched by sharp objects and acidic juices. Hot pans and casseroles can also ruin its reputation. That said, there comes a time when you’ll need to upgrade your kitchen countertop.

Granite is one of the best materials you can have for your kitchen countertop. They are durable and elegant for your home. It helps improve the value and aesthetics of your kitchen. Today, we’re sharing with you the best types of granite countertops and how to find the best countertop store in the market.

What granite countertop types are in-demand today?

Despite the need to seal your granite stone, still, a lot of homeowners are going for it. That’s because of the added value it brings to the table, literally. Its impervious strength and beauty are timeless. No wonder why many remodelers and homeowners love this.

Here are some of the trending countertop types of granite in the market:

Absolute Black

This granite is from India, and you’d love the consistency of its color. We recommend this one for your interior and exterior use. Besides using it for your countertop, you can use this for your flooring, backsplash, and walls. There are a lot of granite countertop color ideas in the market, but this one is highly used by most homeowners. 

Make sure to seal your granite to make them more resistant to water and stains. Absolute Black granite is one of your best options in getting a dramatic feel on your home.

African Rainbow

The ivory-like appearance of this granite makes it luxurious for your kitchen. It has a coarse grain-like design with multiple veining patterns. It has a light background tone with speckles of blue, black, grey, and brown pigments.

This granite matches well with wooden accessories and shaker cabinets. African Rainbow is one of the in-demand wavy granite countertop types in our store.

Alaska White

The frosty color combination of Alaska White makes it ideal for modern homes. It helps make your kitchen look cleaner and more spacious. The neutral tones of this granite are perfect for your shaker and recessed panel cabinets.

The major colors of this granite are silver and light gray. These colors are a perfect fit if you want a modern cool ambiance in your kitchen. There are a lot of amazing kitchen remodeling ideas that you can follow through. 

Agatha Black

This is your next best choice for a wavy granite countertop. It has a black background with waves of light gray and white smoothly flowing over its surface. Having either a 2 cm or 3 cm slab would be great for your kitchen. The wavy vein patterns can be seen across its width.

It brings a whole new drama to your home with this granite slab. You can also choose the right granite countertop edge types that fit your kitchen. So far, the common choice of our customers is the curved edge since it’s safe for children.

Amarello Ornamental

If you like an earthly tone in your kitchen, then the rich color of Amarello Ornamental is your ideal choice. You’d see the smooth color combination of yellows, browns, and creams on this granite slab. It can seamlessly marry with your wooden cabinets and area rugs. 

Alpine White Granite

This granite slab has a white background with specks of ebony and graphite pigments. Looking at it, it resembles the beauty of the mountain ranges, bringing a cool outdoor ambiance into your kitchen.

You’d see many types of granite countertop pictures for kitchens using this granite color. Many of our customers chose this since they want a creative touch with warmth in their kitchen. This type of countertop would fit with almost any kitchen cabinet. Make sure you check out different kitchen cabinet color ideas to make sure you get the perfect combination. 

Arctic Valley

When you want a unique transition from your wooden cabinets to a cement-like countertop, Arctic Valley is your best option. It brings an industrial chic feel to your kitchen with its smooth cement-inspired surface.

You can use metallic accessories to match this granite countertop. Your modern appliances can also blend well with their hue and pattern.

Antico Cream

Are you a fan of brown and gold colors? Antico Cream is a good choice for you then. You’d be mesmerized by the smooth color combination of gold and brown from this granite slab. When you have a white kitchen, this granite countertop can elegantly stand out.

You can use kitchen cabinets with light colors to match Antico Cream granite. Dark-colored cabinets can marry with it too.

Amber Yellow

The yellow background with streaks of black and grey makes this granite slab perfect for your autumn theme kitchen. If you want a homey vibe, Amber Yellow granite is a perfect choice. The yellow and brown pigments gently add warmth and coziness to your kitchen. Moreover, you can pair this with modern accessories without distorting your homey theme.

Black Galaxy

The black background with speckles of white and grey is truly wonderful for this granite. Whether you like Astronomy or not, the beauty of the Black Galaxy can change your perspective. The elegance of the night will flourish in your kitchen.

Black Galaxy can also pair well with wooden tones and metallic surfaces. This is also a good choice for a two-tone kitchen remodel.

What are the types of granite countertop edges? 

There are different types of granite countertop edges for you to choose for modern granite countertop ideas. In picking the right one, you’d have to consider safety and aesthetics. It must be safe for the people using your kitchen while adding elegance to your space.

Here are the common granite countertop edges in the industry:

  • Bevel: It has a 45-degree cut from the surface going to the width. This is good in reflecting light on the 45-degree cut surface. 
  • Bullnose: This is a round edge, which is safe for children and seniors. If some liquids drip on your countertop, it just follows the curve and drips down slowly.
  • Square: This is the most common edge type. But in terms of safety, we prefer not to make the edges too sharp, otherwise, it can cut your skin if you suddenly bump into it.
  • Eased: This is a variation of the square edge since the top edge is smoothed out or curved for safety.
  • Semi-bullnose: This is a good choice if you want spills to smoothly roll off to the sides without dripping at the base of your countertop.

Want a free estimate for your granite countertop?

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