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Part of getting a brand new kitchen is researching the cost to install kitchen cabinets so that you can know how to make your budget. The cost of kitchen cabinets depends on several factors leaving you with a wide range of estimates to look at.

The truth of the matter is that new kitchen cabinets cost anywhere from $3000 up to $25000. The size, quality, type and the area you live in all determine how much kitchen cabinets will end up costing you. You can gather different kitchen cabinet ideas first in order to know where to start. 

To help you more clearly answer the question “How much do kitchen cabinets cost?” our cabinet sales experts have put together this handy guide. This post will help you decide which kitchen cabinets you need and get a better idea of how much they will cost.

How Much Do New Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The first thing you should decide when estimating the cost of kitchen cabinets is which type of cabinet you want to buy. There are three main categories which have distinct pricing groups associated with them, including:

  • Stock cabinets- these are one size fits all cabinets that don’t give you options for customization.
  • Semi- custom cabinets- these are stock cabinets that have some personalization options like colors, hardware and layout.
  • Custom cabinets- these are designed to fit your kitchen to maximize your space and look exactly the way you want them to, the cabinet color is another factor affecting the cost. 

The type of cabinet you choose will be largely based on what you can afford and how cabinets fit into your kitchen. If you have a low budget, you will be limited to stock cabinets, but as you budget increases you have more options.

If your kitchen has a strange shape, you may need to look into custom cabinets that will take advantage of each inch you have available. Sometimes, stock cabinets just don’t fit into kitchens and you need to look for other choices.

How Much Do Stock Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

For stock kitchen cabinets, you can expect to pay between $1130 and $6740. These estimates don’t include the fees you will pay to have them delivered or installed.

Delivery and installation could run you up to $1200 extra. Kitchen cabinet installation can be a bit tricky, so it may be best to leave the job to the professionals.

Stock cabinets are a wonderful budget friendly option if you have limited cabinet needs and a square wall to attach them to. The more you pay for stock cabinets, the longer they will last, so you might want to think about what you are willing to invest.

The Cost Of Semi- Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you hope to have a few more options in the appearance and layout of your cabinets, you could opt for semi- custom kitchen cabinets. For these, the cost of kitchen cabinets is from $2,670 to $12,548 on average. 

With semi- custom cabinets, you can pick different size shelves and drawers that could fit your kitchen better. You also have options for hardware and finish types to compliment your kitchen design.

The cost to install kitchen cabinets that are semi- custom is about the same as for stock cabinets. The delivery costs are also the same, but you might need to wait longer for delivery because of the customizations that need to be made in the factory.

How Much Do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Custom kitchen cabinets come with a high price tag because they are a piece of fine furniture made by an artisan. For smaller custom cabinets, you might pay only $6000, but for a large kitchen it can easily exceed $25000.

The materials you choose will have an impact on your custom kitchen cabinet cost, with higher end solid woods being more expensive. If you live in an area with a local supply of wood, that could make the cost lower for your job.

Custom cabinets include the price of installation, because the cabinet maker needs to make sure that everything is put together perfectly. Custom cabinets can easily last 100 years, so the cost could be lower per year.

Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you have functional kitchen cabinets in your home that just look a little old or dirty, you could save a lot of money by painting them. Painting is a job you can take on yourself to save even more money, but professional cabinet painting is not to expensive and saves you a lot of time, effort and mess.

The cost to paint an average size kitchen cabinet can be about $1200 with labor. The materials to paint your kitchen cabinets would cost about $340 in average.

Kitchen cabinets are made to last for many decades and there is a great chance you can get many years of good use out of them. Using your old cabinets also keeps things out of landfills and is therefore better for the environment and community.

Which Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Are Best?

The type of kitchen cabinet you choose depends on your kitchen style and personality. All kitchen cabinets can be maid high quality, and when they are installed by professionals they will last a very long time. This is the reason why kitchen remodeling cost are a bit on the expensive side. 

Some types of kitchen cabinets are more expensive than other, in case that is going to be a factor in your decision. Kitchen cabinets that could cost you more to have installed are:

  • Frameless cabinets
  • Stainless steel cabinets
  • Solid wood cabinets

These types of cabinets are made from more expensive materials and are more difficult to assemble and install. This makes them more expensive for the consumer, so they may be out of some people’s budgets.

Kitchen Cabinet Cost By Region

The area where you live will have an impact on the cost of kitchen cabinets. For the most part, the cabinets themselves cost the same throughout the continental USA.

The difference is usually from the labor cost to install kitchen cabinets. If you live in a higher cost of living area, you can expect to pay more for the labor to install kitchen cabinets.

Hiring quality kitchen cabinet installers can make a huge difference. When you hire experienced professionals you can avoid problems like doors that won’t close properly.

If you have decided to get a new set of kitchen cabinet and are looking forward to having it installed, give us a call for free consultation or simply visit us on our Facebook page!

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