Modern Cabinet Ideas That’ll Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Modern Cabinet Ideas That'll Freshen Up Your Kitchen

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Doing a makeover with your kitchen storage cabinets is a typical choice for any kitchen Reno. You have plenty of choices of what design to adapt for your custom kitchen cabinets. Your designs can range from the high-gloss modern appeal to a mid-century design. No matter what design it will be, your aim is to create a fresh look in your modern kitchen remodeling.

Truth to be told, it is never an icing on a cake when you are renovating your kitchen and cabinet store. Consequently, leaning to a professional for better assistance and results is a smart choice to ensure your investment does not go to waste.

Go All Out with White

Choosing white for your modern kitchen and cabinets is a popular choice among remodelista and homeowners. You totally get that fresh and neat atmosphere in your white modern kitchen. Your cabinets can be in a glossy or matte texture.

A high-gloss finish portrays extreme sophistication while matte white illustrates a minimalist contemporary appeal. To make a good contrast with white, you can opt for a dark-toned hardware for your cabinet hardware, appliances, and steel frame of your chairs.

Black is the New Sexy

Whether glossy or matte black kitchen cabinets, your modern kitchen looks sexier with this choice. Your black kitchen cabinetry provides a sleek contrast with your white or pale colored kitchen countertops, backsplash, and cabinet walls.

With this, your light-colored kitchen countertops and backsplash would make an exceptional stand-out in the background. Moreover, installing wooden bar stools or chairs produces a good balance with the cool and modern feel in your kitchen redo.

Nostalgic Appeal of Mid-Century Kitchen Cabinets

If you are bored with high-gloss and pale modern kitchen themes, then going for a homey and cozy appeal with mid-century kitchen cabinets will be a great alternative. The natural grain of wood will take you back to the serene and relaxing ambiance of nature and countryside.

Indeed, the warm appeal of wooden kitchen base cabinets provides a soothing ambiance which makes you forget about the stress from urban living. Moreover, it pairs well with any modern stone kitchen countertops such as marble, quartz, and granite.

Anything High-Gloss for Modern Urban Kitchen

Bringing the lime light in your modern kitchen remodeling, entails putting a glossy appearance in your custom kitchen cabinets. With just a few pendant lights, your kitchen will glow up effortlessly as the lights bounce and reflect from your shiny and high-gloss cabinet surface. 

To complement this idea, you can use bronze or copper finish accents, fixtures, and cabinet hardware. This exudes a warm earthy color in your urbanized kitchen remodeling theme.

Aim High

For skimpy kitchens, you increase its vertical appeal by installing ceiling height kitchen storage cabinets. A flat and glossy cabinet door surface would also create a modern and streamlined appeal in your kitchen makeover. Choose to install bronze or copper-plated cabinet hardwares to exude a stylish look. 

Meanwhile, you can also install crown moldings to create a sturdy and compact impression for your custom kitchen cabinet store.

Be Marbled with Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

For a balanced and glamorous kitchen makeover, you can always pair up your modern marble kitchen countertops with light-toned wooden kitchen cabinets. Both have natural veining patterns which truly play along with our eyes.

The naturally dark patina forming in your marble stone creates an impressionable contrast with your light wooden cabinetry. You can choose to install dark-colored fixtures and hardware in your countertop and cabinetry to exude exceptional contrast with its pale background. 

Try Being in the Gray Area

If you want something in between white and black, then gray is your best option. Glossy or matte gray kitchen and cabinet store exudes a stylish and sleek urban appeal. It pairs well with stainless steel fixtures, hardware, and accessories.

Likewise, you can place gray-colored ceramics or porcelain to create a streamlined look in your countertop and cabinetry. A white sink basin in your gray stone countertops creates a show-stopping focal point in your cool gray kitchen area.

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Those are just some of the breathtaking ideas for renovating your kitchen cabinet store. Making your kitchen cabinetry standout from the background is not an easy task, and leaning to professionals can be a good choice. It ensures better results for your affordable and customized kitchen cabinets.

Should you need technical assistance with your kitchen storage cabinets, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can highly work around your target budget in achieving the best design for your modern or classic custom kitchen cabinets.

Contact us today to find out more of our products and services.

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