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When it comes to making a great and stunning improvement in your kitchen and bath, installing new countertops is on top of the list. Alongside this, there are different types of granite countertops in the market that can satisfy your needs and budget. 

However, before you buy and install one, be sure to read our guide first, so you know everything about the best granite countertops. Without a doubt, this natural stone is still a king in the remodeling industry, so you’ll never regret installing it in your kitchen and bathroom counters.

What are the colors and patterns of granite countertops?

Granite Colors

The random and natural hues and veining patterns of granite slabs are such a wonderful art from nature. It’s exotic and pleasing to everyone’s eyes, so it can effectively live up to your expectations of beautifying your kitchen and bath.

In general, you can choose between neutral or bold colors of granite slabs for your countertops. Some of the notable neutral colors are white, beige, soft gray, and light brown, whereas bold palettes are red, black, blue, violet, and green.

No worries, when you’re having a difficult time selecting the most appropriate color for your kitchen and granite bathroom countertops, because our designers can help you with it.  

Granite Appearance and Veining Design

The appearance of granite is natural and relaxing, which can be feather-like, pebbled, speckled surface, fine and glossy, or coarse-grained. All local granite stores have different designs for granite slabs and they will assist you in selecting the perfect choice.

Looking closely into its surface, you will be mesmerized by the natural and epic veining and graining textures of granite slabs. The style is almost parallel with natural marble, which can effortlessly become a highlight in your kitchen and bath.

In line with this, we at Gold Cabinets and Countertops is one of the leading local granite fabricators and installers in the neighborhood. Our professionals will help you find the most alluring and magnificent styles and colors for your cheap granite countertops

What are the different finishes for granite countertops?

Once you select your preferred granite style and palette, our pros will help you find the right countertop finish that marries with your metallic fixtures and base cabinets. Currently, there are four main types of finishes for your custom granite countertops, which are enumerated below.

  • Honed. Light scratches or dents won’t be visible with a flat matte finish on your granite counter. It is also the natural finish of granite slabs after installation.
  • Glossy and Smooth. A polished granite countertop is the popular choice among homeowners who are getting a renovation with their kitchen and bath. It has a mirror-like surface which reflects light to elevate the brilliance and spacious vibe in your space.
  • Flamed. This is the best finish for your outdoor granite countertops with its slightly faded and burnt appearance. Also, it has a rougher texture than honed finish. 
  • Leathered. It is quite similar with flamed finish, yet with some dimple textures which is achieved using a diamond-tipped brush. Moreover, it’s the second most popular granite countertop finish in the industry.

Our professionals are well-trained and equipped with the proper tools and equipment to seamlessly do the most suitable finish for your granite kitchen and bathroom counters. 

What’s the estimated price of granite countertops?

It’s a common mistake among homeowners to go beyond their allocated budget for installing granite countertops in their kitchen or bathroom remodel. Well, the average price in most granite countertop stores is $35 to $40 per square foot for the low-end, while $80 to $100 for high-end granite slabs. 

Alongside this, we want to help you budget your money for your granite countertops, so here are the important factors you need to consider.

  • Granite grade. For this, you can either choose a low-grade granite or stone remnants since it’s cheaper. However, premium-grade granites have better strength and design, an excellent long-term choice.
  • Slab thickness. The standard thickness of granite slabs is 2cm or 3cm, so the former is cheaper for your budget. Meanwhile, thicker slabs are great because it is more eye-catching and sturdier for busy counters.
  • Style and color. The common colors come at a cheaper price than those bold and rare ones like red and blue. With that, your best options are black, off-white, and gray slabs.
  • Customization and installation. The more work needed to fabricate your desired granite countertop, the higher will be your granite countertops cost. With that, the usual customizations include edge profile, finish, sink cutouts, and installation.

If you are on a budget, then you can opt for prefabricated granite countertops that fits for any standard sink.  With that, you have lesser fees for customizing sink cutouts and installation on your base cabinets. 

What are the requirements for installing your granite counters?

Our professionals need to do an initial measurement of your granite countertops on the base cabinet where to install it. Once they are done getting the template, it will be fabricated in our site, and then delivered to your place for installation. Also, we are going to seal your granite to enhance its anti-stain and antimicrobial properties. 

How do you care and maintain your granite countertops?

The price of your granite or any stone countertops is never a guarantee that its beauty and brand new appearance will last forever without cleaning or maintaining it. With that, you need to daily wipe your granite counter with soft cloth and water. Then you can spray some dishwashing liquid soap to remove minor dirt or food stains.

By daily wiping its surface, you are keeping its glossy looks and earthly colors to warm your sleek kitchen and bath. Also, you need to periodically seal your granite to maintain its non-porous feature. For its annual sealing, you can call us out, so our pros will do it for you at a minimal fee.

Finding A Granite Countertop Installer Near You?

Gold Cabinets and Countertops can be your best fabricator and installer of granite and stone countertops. We have years of experience, high-tech equipment, and quality stones that match your needs and budget.

For your free quotes and designs, call our office today.

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