Marble Countertop Polishing Tips

Marble Countertop Polishing Tips

There is no doubt that the best engineered marble countertops is a symbol of elegance and prestige in most residential and commercial properties. The luxurious and eye-catching appearance of your marble bathroom countertops can last a lifetime with proper cleaning and sealing maintenance.

Marble is known to have a soft and colorful feature which effortlessly spruce up your newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom. The bold veining patterns of this natural stone exudes a dramatic feel which makes it an exceptional focal point in your kitchen and bath.

To keep the grandeur and alluring appeal of various types of marble countertops, here are some practical tips for a well-polished marble stone.

Polishing Tips for the Best Marble Countertops

First of all, you need to ensure there are no stains, spills, and food crumbs on top of your marble countertops. This is necessary because it prevents your polishing product to efficiently adhere to the marble surface.

Once you are done wiping down your marble counter, make sure to let it dry before applying a ready-made marble polishing kit. If there are minor scratches on the surface, you can use a high-grit sandpaper to softly buff out its surface.

To achieve a quicker and more efficient polishing action, you can use a variable speed grinder. Simply place a substantial amount of polishing compound on the surface of your marble counter, and then use your grinder to equally spread the polisher on the surface.

Why Use Ready-Made Marble Polishing Kit

Any commercial stone polishing kit already contains the appropriate compound to efficiently make your dramatic marble bathroom countertops look glossy and fancy always. Likewise, applying a sealant after polishing ensures the glossy and mirror-like appearance of engineered marble countertops stays for a longer timeframe.

Benefits of Sealing Maintenance

All types of marble countertops have a high porosity level which makes it susceptible for stains and mildews. These foreign objects can reduce the aesthetics and quality of your precious manufactured marble countertops.

By impregnating a suitable sealant, you are covering the pores of marble that enhances its resistance from stains and mildews. With this, you are making a smart and practical move in keeping the optimal condition of your natural marble counters.

Once you are done polishing your marble countertops, remove excess polishing compounds by using a handheld vacuum or light brushing on its surface. Allow the polished surface to sit and dry for six to twelve hours, before impregnating the right sealant.

Proper Care and Cleaning For Marble Countertops

Taking care of your sensitive marble stones is not that difficult as it comes quite straightforward like any other stone countertops. Below are some of the standard means of cleaning your pristine marble tops.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Tips

Whether you are doing your marble cleaning every day, weekly, or monthly, the entire process is simple and easy to do. Your main cleaning tools include mild soap solution, soft microfiber, and plastic spatula for lightly scraping out solid debris on your countertop.

Never use any acidic cleaning solution for disinfecting your marble countertop, as it can readily react with the carbonate compounds in its surface. This is the main point why you cannot store vinegar and lemon on top of your marble kitchen and bathroom vanity tops.

Wipe Spills Immediately

Natural marble stones have the propensity to absorb moisture and liquids on its surface, making marble susceptible to stains. To prevent stains and molds on your marble surface, wipe down spills right away. You can also use coasters when placing your cold drinks on top of your marble counter.

Final Words

Daily polishing and cleaning of your marble kitchen and bathroom countertops comes quite easy and simple. Simply use a commercial stone polishing kit to have a hassle-free manner of keeping your marble look glossy and fancy.

Likewise, never forget to impregnate sealants once you are through with polishing. This is necessary to provide a protective coat that shall keep your marble vanity tops away from stains, molds, and mildews. The sealant film also helps in preserving the polished surface of your marble.

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