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Marble countertops are currently one of the most expensive types of countertops to buy currently. It’s expensive for a lot of reasons and you’ll mostly see these inside mansions and luxury homes. If you are considering buying a marble countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, then it’s a must that you understand everything there is to know about these countertops first.

Although granite and quartz are currently at the top of the chain when it comes to countertop popularity, there’s no doubt that there’s always a sport reserved for marble. This natural stone has captivated the hearts of many worldwide and it seems like more people are buying it for their home. This is why you should consider getting one as soon as possible.

Like all other types of countertops, there are pros and cons when it comes to a marble countertop. Understanding which is which might help you make that final decision into buying a countertop made of marble. Without further ado, here’s every pro and con you need to consider first when getting a marble countertop.


Makes Kitchens And Bathrooms Beautiful

Perhaps the most obvious pro of owning a marble countertop is seeing how beautiful it is in your home. Marble countertops have a light color with a smooth texture. Their veining comes in either gold or silver which makes them perfect for any modern or luxury style kitchens and bathrooms. The best marble countertops basically make your home a lot more beautiful than it already is.

Marble comes in an assortment of great colors including white, egg-shell white, bluish-grey, and even pink. Regardless of what your house’s interior looks like, you can find a marble color that perfectly fits your home. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use too. If you have a patio or an outside kitchen, then a marble can serve as a great complement to it.

Ups House Value

This is one aspect of marble countertops that people tend to forget most of the time. In truth, marble countertops aren’t just a way to help your house look better or to help you prep ingredients more properly. If you are considering moving into another house in the future, then it’s worth noting that a marble countertop can up its value significantly.

Marble countertops are sourced directly from large slabs of marble. This means like other pure natural stone countertops, no marble countertop is alike. Engineered marble countertops have that unique identity too. As this is the case, these countertops can make your home increase in value which is a great deal if you’re into buying and selling properties.

Aside from luxury homes and mansions, there are many other modern homes that have marble countertops. If you check around your local real estate listings, these homes sell for higher prices. It’s a good investment especially if the home you are living in now is only temporary. It will become even more valuable if you take care of the countertop and it becomes spotless.

They’re Durable

Aside from being stunningly beautiful, marble is also known for its durability. Before being installed in your home, marble countertops are coated with other materials to make them more durable. This results in a stain and scratch-resistant surface that makes it easier for you to do your kitchen prep much easier. Additionally, marble countertops are heat resistant as well so they can handle high amounts of heat.

These countertops, as well as marble bathroom countertops are made to last. Manufacturers do their best to ensure that they can withstand pressure and most other tasks related to kitchen prep work. As compared to a standard table, you’ll get the most out of a marble countertop which can last decades.

Better Edges And Molding

As compared to other countertops, manufactured marble countertops are easier to cut and shape. Granite for instance, can chip easily during the manufacturing process which makes it a lot harder to be customized for certain homes. If your kitchen is in a unique shape, getting a granite countertop is near impossible.

What’s great about marble bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops is that they can have the edge of your dreams. Some countertop materials can be given edges which add a touch of regalness and fanciness to your kitchen. However, manufacturers can easily do this with a marble countertop without compromising quality.

Of course, marble countertops aren’t perfect. In fact, no type of countertop is perfect at all. It does have its ups and downs which you should considerably think about before you buy a countertop. As we’re done with the good stuff, let’s talk about those unavoidable cons as well as this will help you make a better decision.



One of the most apparent cons of getting a marble countertop is the price of it.  Like all other countertops, you pay for marble ones by the size of it. More specifically, per square foot. As it is the premiere choice in countertops, it should not be surprising that marble countertops are currently the most expensive of its kind.

A marble countertop’s costs will range mostly from $50 – $200 per square foot. That’s not even counting the labor fees during installation which is often around $35-45 per hour. In general, having a marble countertop installed in a kitchen that’s around 60 square foot can cost up to $10,000. By comparison, you can have a granite countertop installed for at least $6,000.

Obviously, a marble countertop is a big investment on your end. While it is indeed durable and beautiful, you have to keep in mind that it is in no way cheap. As such, it’s better to make sure you have the budget for it before you buy one for your home. Make sure to weigh your options between countertop providers too as some can give you great deals.

It Can Be Hard To Find

One reason why marble countertops are expensive is that they are rare. Most marbles – most notably the expensive ones, can only be sourced in select areas in Italy. Only a few countertop materials can be sourced in the US directly. As they can only be gotten in select areas, it could be tough finding marble countertops for your house.

In most cases, you’ll have to pre-order a marble countertop. This means placing an order ahead so that companies can accommodate for you. As most of the materials come from overseas, you’ll have to wait quite a while for your order to come. Of course, the wait will be worth it if you are getting an amazing countertop in return.

Engineered marble countertops can be easier to find as they aren’t made from pure stone. These are mixed with resin and other binding materials which make them not only easier to find, but also cheaper as well. In terms of looks, these look as close as possible to marble but in terms of durability, it only comes in at a close second.

No DIY Possible

Another thing worth noting about this type of countertop is that it is very heavy. As such, it takes a lot to have the countertop shipped from a manufacturing facility to your home. That being said, it’s nearly impossible to install a marble countertop on your own. Aside from being heavy, installing any countertop requires a lot of precision and know-how.

For starters, marble slabs come in huge sizes which manufacturers will have to cut down to size to make sure that it fits your home.  It takes an expert to make sure that a marble countertop perfectly fits in your kitchen and this process includes leveling the cabinets, drawers, and more. Unless you have the right tools and experience for it, this will be impossible to do.

Tile marble countertops are a great alternative if you are looking to save money. While difficult, this type of marble countertop makes it easier for you to do the installation yourself. Of course, it would still be much better if you let the pros handle the installation process. It still requires a lot of mastery and precision.

It’s always better to have the pros do the work for you. After all, they practice for a long time to ensure that everything is installed as properly as possible.

One of the questions on your mind right now might be whether or not getting a marble countertop is worth it. Considering the price and the amount of work needed for it, it’s not surprising that some people prefer to get other types of materials for their countertops. Before you get one, make sure to refer to professionals first.

There are some designers that will help give you a better idea on whether or not a marble countertop is worth it for your home. Refer to them for help before you make such a heavy purchase. A marble countertop can turn a regular home into your dream home without you knowing it. With these pros and cons, hopefully, you can make a better informed decision.

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