Marble Countertops 101: Should You Choose Marble Countertops?

marble countertops

It is a constant debate among homeowners and remodelers whether choosing the best marble countertops is a viable option for your kitchen island and bathroom vanity tops.  For you to fully embrace its beauty and essence, you need to understand its benefits and gripes.

Despite the setbacks and softness of marble slabs, its natural veining patterns give a crisp new look to your stone countertops. Nevertheless, we know you have tons of questions about natural and engineered marble countertops, which we will address in this read. 

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You Just Can’t Get Enough With Its Natural Beauty

The appearance of Carrara or Calacatta marble is priceless and timeless. Well, all types of marble countertops look amazing and stunning in your home renovation. The bold veining patterns of marble slabs depict more drama and attraction than the finer details of granite and quartz. 

Furthermore, a thicker slab works well if you want it to have more appeal in the central location of your kitchen. We can also soften the edges of your countertops to make them safe for your children.

It Does Stain and Scratch

Whether natural or manufactured marble countertops, the porous surface of marble makes it highly susceptible to stains from spilled drinks or food. Will this be a problem? Technically, it won’t be because we can always treat your marble slabs before customization and installation.

Once it is treated, you need to be careful with sharp and hot objects placed on top of your marble slab countertops. Moreover, we will be sharing with you some practical tips on how to take care of your stone kitchen island and vanity tops.

In terms of scratches, it’s possible with marble because of the soft nature of its stone. However, it won’t be pretty much visible from a distance, especially if it has a glossy finish. Moreover, you can lightly sand your marble countertop with high-grade sandpaper to ease out those scratch marks.

It’s Durable Enough For Your Kitchen

Yes, marble is prone to scratches and dents, but its strength is forgiving for your high-traffic kitchen. It is a few notches lower than granite and quartz, yet it works well for your kitchen islands and peninsula.

Also, when we sealed your marble slabs, it is already resistant to water, moisture, and stains. With that, you can install a marble bathroom countertops that will spruce the aesthetics and value of your home.

Polished or Honed Finish?

Typically, marble slabs have a shiny surface but we can make that glossier by applying a coat. If you are troubled about choosing either a honed or glossy finish, you’d have to consider the purpose and placement of your stone countertops.

A glossy finish is ideal when you want extra resistance from moisture, stains, and spills. It works well for your busy kitchen and bathroom. Also, light is reflected easily on a shiny surface than a honed finish marble. With that, your kitchen or master bath will be brighter and sleeker in appearance. 

In contrast, a matte or honed finish is great if you want those scratches and dent marks to be invisible to the eye. The slightly rough finish hides the scratches imprinted on your marble countertops. The main setback for a matte surface will be its susceptibility to water and stains.

Growing Patina Over Time

Similar to soapstone, natural marble develops a rich patina for some time, as the stone ages. Its color turns yellowish or light brown which depicts a historical ambiance in your modern home. With that, it gives a great contrast with the stainless steel finishes in your kitchen and bathroom.

Also, a marble’s patina can help hide those light dents and scratches on its surfaces. Consequently, this countertop material pairs well with your white or light-toned cabinets, subway tile backsplash, or wooden furniture.

If you need professional advice with your interior design, our staff at Gold Cabinets and Countertops can help you out.

Return On Investment for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Are marble countertops expensive? In general, they have a higher upfront cost than quartz, yet it will still boil down to your budget and the benefits you are after. There are marble slabs at par cost with quartz and granite, yet you would have to choose the style which suits your preference.

In line with this, you get a return on your investment when you install marble kitchen and bathroom countertops. Around 40% to 70% of your overall installation cost goes to the total resale value of your property.

Meanwhile, before you install one, it’s also best to evaluate the city and neighborhood you are living in. If most of them are installing marble or stone countertops, then it is feasible to go for marble countertops.

Likewise, your marble slab’s color and style must blend with the general decor of your house. With that, you get a harmonious effect with all the elements inside your kitchen and bathroom.

Looking for A Local Marble Countertop Supplier?

Gold Cabinets and Countertops is one of the locally operated and owned contractors for countertop and cabinet installations. With our years of experience and modern technology, we can assure the success of your marble countertop installation at the best price guarantee.

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