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Natural and engineered marble countertops are one of the best materials for upgrading your kitchen island and vanity tops. Despite its soft nature, marble never fails to spruce your kitchen and bathroom renovation at a reasonable cost.

In this read, we are going to talk about the popular palettes of the best marble countertops in the industry. After reading, we hope to help you find the most suitable marble tone to match your kitchen cabinetry.

White Marble

Marble is one of your best candidates when you are looking for stark white or off-white tones for your kitchen island. The subtle tone of white marble enhances the neat and modern appeal in your kitchen remodel.

In line, most remodelers and homeowners go for this palette because it makes your kitchen more spacious, cool, and elegant. Our designers and stone experts will provide technical assistance in customizing the size, patterns, and edge profiles of your kitchen island.

Moreover, it pairs well with your white or pale-hue kitchen cabinetry which elevates the brightness of your working space. Also, we can subdivide white marble into two: stark white and patterned white marble stone.

Stark White

When you want a cool, bright, and minimalist theme for your kitchen renovation, then stark white marble countertops is a winning choice. It provides a seamless and continuous appearance from your white kitchen island, cabinetry, and backsplash.

Likewise, your sense of sophistication and glamour is well supported by stark white tones flourishing all over your kitchen island. With that, you don’t have to install many lights to brighten up your space, since light can reflect on marble’s glossy surface and boost brightness. 

White with Veining Patterns

In contrast, white marble with veining patterns looks great when you want a tint of drama in your remodeling. Unlike granite, marble can either have a thin or bold veining which creates a painting or scenery out from your marble kitchen island.

The bolder veining of marble greatly contributes to its nostalgic feel than granite stones. Likewise, no two slabs will have an identical pattern for marble.

Black Marble

If there are stark white tones, you can also expect darker tones or deep rich black hues from different types of marble countertops. With this palette, you will experience a gothic and homey appeal from your black marble kitchen countertops.

Besides its dramatic aura, light stains and scratches won’t be much visible due to its rich black background. Nevertheless, for light dents and scratches, sanding and buffing can easily mend that issue.

Meanwhile, lighter tones for your backsplash and cabinets can be married with your black marble countertops. Some of the best colors we can recommend are light yellow, off-white, soft gray, taupe, sandy tone, or light brown.

Further, appliances, fixtures, and kitchen wares with chrome or stainless steel finish can create an excellent contrast with this marble tone. If you want to pair it with a darker shade as well, then a burgundy or deep red palette is a good choice.

Light Gray, Beige, and Other Neutral Hues

Besides white, soft gray, beige, and other neutral tones is an excellent candidate for your modern kitchen countertops. You can also use these tones for your marble bathroom countertops.

These palettes can be married with white, pale yellow, or tan brown kitchen cabinetry. Its overall impact will be a cool, clean, and airy kitchen curb appeal that is conducive for family bonding while preparing your meals.

Meanwhile, to add more warmth in your counter, you can install hanging lights with warm colors over it.

Sandy Tones

If you have wooden furniture and facades in your newly renovated kitchen, then selecting a marble countertop with sandy patterns and tones blend well. To supplement its classic and homey ambiance, you can install recessed and hanging lights with warm colors.

Further, those dark-colored woodworks, hardware, and fixtures inside your kitchen would pop out due to the cool and bright tones of your marble kitchen island and backsplashes.

Green Marble

Green isn’t always as common as the white and beige marble countertops in the industry, nor it can be considered a neutral tone as well. However, green marble can be a marvelous choice when you love an antique and classy ambiance in your kitchen countertops and backsplash.

Unlike pure white tones, green marble stone isn’t purely green for it has white or gray veining and specks of charcoal or black hues. To make the most out of this marble stone, you can marry it with pale or dark green kitchen cabinetry and backsplashes. 

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