Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Tops: Materials, Styles and Cost

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Tops Materials, Styles and Cost

Looking for the right material for your bathroom vanity countertops is a daunting task because your selection does not just rest upon the kind of material. You also need to consider other factors such as design, cost, style, and maintenance.

When it comes to premier quality but cheap bathroom countertops, we can supply you with plenty of materials starting from the grandeur granite down to laminates. The key to having the best bathroom vanity tops is getting a good knowledge of the material.

Factors You Can Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanity Tops

Before we jump to the different materials used for bathroom counters, here are some essential factors you need to take hand before buying one.

1. Aesthetics and Appeal

Unlike when choosing for your kitchen countertops, appearance and design is more important when choosing your glamorous bathroom vanities with tops. Here you need to think of what design or theme do you like for your bathroom. Do you want a chic and modern appeal? Perhaps, you are more comfortable with the classic design.

Oftentimes, your bathroom vanity tops become the focal point in your bathroom, so make sure it coordinates well with other accessories and parts inside. It can be that your bathroom counter blends or stands out from the cabinetry, floor, and wall.

2. Price

Before you start your bathroom redo, planning and budgeting will be your first step. You have to consider how much you are willing to set aside for upgrading your bathroom countertops and amenities.

If you need a free quote with any material you like for your vanity tops, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We have both expensive and affordable materials for your luxurious bathroom vanity tops in our showroom. Typically, granite, marble, and quartz are the top candidates for this matter.

3. Maintenance and Durability

Unlike kitchen counters, your requirement for durability for bathroom countertops will be a few notch lower. What matters is that your material is able to resist light to medium scratch marks, dents, and cuts.

Your material is also able to resist stains and moisture as your bathroom is constantly exposed to water and all types of cosmetic products. With that, there will be less requirement for its cleaning and maintenance, and you are off to enjoy more of its beauty.

Best Candidates for Your Bathroom Vanity Tops

Oftentimes, it is the number of options that confuses you and not the factors you have to consider. This idea is very relatable when you are eyeing for the best candidate for your chic and show-stopping bathroom vanity countertops.

Here are some of the best materials you can choose from in the market.

1. Top Pick Granite Stone

Granite is considered the Rolls Royce for countertop materials because of its impeccable strength and stunning appearance that fits traditional to contemporary looks.

In our showroom, you will find different hues and patterns of granite slabs for your bathroom vanities. Some of the top-rated colors include white, black, red, beige, brown, and gray granite. White granite countertops is an exceptional choice for small bathrooms because it adds great brilliance and that chic-and-neat appeal.

No worries about dents and scratches for it can be impressionable and resist it without a doubt. Extreme heat is also not a problem with granite considering it is made under intense temperature and pressure.

Sealing maintenance is required for this natural stone because it has a high porosity level.  Despite its premier quality and elegance, granite is still affordable at $50 to $100 per square foot installed. Homeowners and remodelista are eyeing for this material because of its ability to increase your property’s value.

2. Runner Up – Engineered Quartz Stone

When you want the impervious strength of granite minus its vulnerability to stain and moisture, quartz is your best option. We are able to customize and manipulate the veining patterns and hues of this man-made stone. With that, it presents endless options for your remodeling adventure.

The only thing you have to look after for quartz is heat and UV rays. Do not directly place hot items on top for it can burn the plastic resin binders. Meanwhile, exposure for long hours under UV rays can discolor your quartz natural stone.

Overall, this stone is still reasonably priced at $60 to $100 per square foot installed. You can call us to get a free quote for your quartz countertops.

3. Luxurious Marble Stone

Despite the soft nature of marble, many of our customers still go for it because of the glamour and elegance it brings in the house. You would be surprised to see that no two marble slabs are alike.

You will be captivated with the consistency and bolder veinings of marble slabs as it sprawls over your countertop. With proper care and maintenance, you are able to highly appreciate and enjoy the soft and cool presence of marble stone.

Based on industry average, marble is reasonably priced at $125 to $150 per square foot installed. To increase its resistance to stains and moisture, we do impregnate sealants into your marble counter once a year.

4. Solid Surface Stone

This is another synthetic material used for bathroom vanities. Like quartz, it is made from pulverized mineral mixed with acrylic resins to seal off pores and make it resistant to stains and moisture.

Upon fabrication, the designs of natural stone are copied by creating random flecks and specks of colors around the slab. Consequently, you have more design options for man-made stones like solid surfaces compared to natural stones like granite and marble.

Because this material is relatively dense and heavy, you will need the help of our professionals for the customization and installation process. Some of the best brands of solid surface include Gibraltar, Formica, and Corian. This material is economically priced at $40 to $100 per square foot installed.

5. Versatile and Durable Concrete

Concrete is known for its industrial appeal and function but it also serves as an exceptional material for your bathroom vanity tops. The main gripe about this material is its difficulty to install and the risk of cracking.

Nonetheless, the benefits of concrete outweighs its cons as a suitable bathroom countertop. You can seamlessly modify its shape, color, and texture to match other accents and accessories inside your shower and bath.

Similar to granite and marble, concrete is also very porous and prone to stains and mildews. The best way to combat this would be proper sealing maintenance which can be done once a year or monthly.

With all the benefits and perks of concrete, still it has an affordable price of $65 to $135 per square foot installed.

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