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We specialize in selling high quality kitchen countertops for your remodeling needs. However, that is not all we have to offer. We carry only master brand countertops . These are available in a wide variety of countertop colors.

Kitchen granite countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite remains a popular surface because of its durability and overall natural beauty. Our granite product selection is deep and ever changing to reflect the current color trends and styles. If you are looking for a surface which reflects your unique aesthetic and delivers on performance, granite countertops are perfect for you.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz surface is man-made engineered stone made of quartz agglomerate, making it highly suitable for residential and heavy use commercial countertop applications. Quartz is known for its durable & low maintenance nature as it is highly stain, scratch & heat resistant. With its wide range of patterns, Quartz has become the product of choice.

Products We Offer

By selecting the finest raw materials, ensuring consistent quality and uniformity of appearance, our vision is to provide end users with kitchen experiences that are as impressive on the inside as they are on the outside. To be sure quality is applied throughout the entire construction, we’ve considered every single detail resulting in twelve individual elements that together make a countertop uncompromisingly solid and reliable.

Granite Countertops

Quartz Countertops

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    Are you thinking about getting a fresh look in your kitchen? In that case, have you thought of an excellent KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS MATERIALS already? Most homeowners are having a difficult time planning and starting their kitchen renovation. However, you can always tap on us to help you in this undertaking. Our combined experience and expertise will guarantee the success of your kitchen remodeling.

    Oftentimes, they get stuck in choosing among the plenty of KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS ALTERNATIVES present in the market. Fortunately, you can lean on us for professional advice and installation on your stunning stone kitchen countertops.

    This article will shed light on some important questions when you are REPLACING KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS ON A BUDGET.

    What is the best kitchen countertop?

    Truth to be told, there are a handful of DIFFERENT TYPES OF KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS MATERIAL that you need to consider for your kitchen renovation. A few of the important factors you need to take a look beforehand include design, thickness, price, durability, cleaning, and maintenance.

    We at Gold Cabinets have a collection of varied materials for your kitchen and bathroom vanities. Some of our best-selling KITCHEN COUNTERTOP OPTIONS include granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, quartzite, slate, butcher block, and more.

    Here are your kitchen countertop options for 2020:

    Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops

    Natural granite has dominated the remodeling arena for many years and even this present moment. It has become the benchmark of elegance when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops.

    Despite its hefty price, a lot of our clients are still choosing GRANITE KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS because of the classic timeless appeal it adds in your space. Its impervious strength is highly recommended for your high-traffic kitchen. Likewise, it has excellent heat resistance against your hot pans and casseroles.

    Before installing this magnificent gemstone, we can customize its thickness, edge profile, and shape based on your kitchen area and theme. We will also seal off its porous surfaces to enhance its anti-stain and anti-microbial properties. Overall, you need not sweat too much in cleaning and maintaining your luxurious granite stone countertop.

    Engineered Quartz Stone Countertops

    This man-made stone has become the greatest rival of granite as the most sought-after kitchen countertop material. It is composed of 93% pulverized quartz and other minerals combined with 7% polymer resin binders. The outcome of this mixture is a strong and non-stain gemstone.

    KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS QUARTZ has a more affordable price than natural granite because it is more available in the market. If you are looking for a more consistent color in your kitchen counter, then choosing engineered quartz is a winning option.

    Aside from its irresistible beauty, our customers like it because there is no need to do monthly or annual sealing. Quartz has a non-porous surface that contributes to its natural non-stain and antibacterial feature.

    In terms of personal touch, quartz wins over granite. Our stone experts can 100% customize the veining and speck patterns of this synthetic stone. Whether you want a modern minimalist or dramatic appeal, quartz can guarantee your choice.

    How will you truly admire quartz when you do not know its gripes? Let us look into the setbacks of this engineered stone. Quartz discolors when exposed for long hours under the sun. This is the main point why it is strongly used for indoor countertops only. Nevertheless, you can still use it for your outdoor countertops provided there is a shade over it.

    Quartz burns with extreme heat! Never place your hot casseroles and pans on top without trivets or hot pads. Lastly, use only neutral soap solution and soft microfiber in cleaning your quartz kitchen countertops.

    Cheap Laminate Kitchen Countertops

    If you want to save more on your kitchen countertop redo, you can opt for LAMINATE KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS. We offer this material to our clients who have a very tight budget but still want to have a nice look in their kitchen countertop.

    This countertop material came to existence in the 1900s when a group of engineers in  Westinghouse produced laminates as their insulator. As these engineers left Westinghouse, they formed the Formica Company which produced laminates on a large scale for the electronics and countertop industry.

    Laminates are a combination of layers of papers and polymer resins with designs parallel with wood or natural stone. The cheap price of laminates and its ability to mimic the aesthetics of natural stone are its best-selling attributes.

    We at Gold Cabinets have a collection of kitchen countertop materials that will suit your kitchen and bathroom countertops. You have the full flexibility to choose between style and price that meets your requirements and budget.

    Our team of professionals will be there with you until we have completed your kitchen countertop makeover.

    How to refinish kitchen countertops?

    Besides installing laminate kitchen countertops, you can opt for refinishing to save on your countertop renovation. Before you move forward, you need to check on the condition of your counter. If there are chips, cuts, nicks, or stains in your kitchen counter, better fix and resolve those first.

    Refinishing your counter can be done in many ways such as re-painting or placing a laminate overlay on your existing countertop. With this undertaking, you are saving around 50% to 70% of the expected total cost for getting a new stone kitchen countertop.

    Nonetheless, if you still want to push through on installing a brand new kitchen countertop, Gold Cabinets is here for you. We offer competitive rates for our packages for kitchen countertop installation or home remodeling. Simply use our FREE ONLINE ESTIMATE at zero fees to know how much are you expected to finance for the remodeling.

    What is the best material for kitchen countertops?

    Your quest of finding the best material for your kitchen countertop is a daunting task. The important factors you need to consider include durability, appearance, price, thickness, cleaning, and maintenance.

    Among these factors, durability comes first because your countertop will be exposed to various harsh elements in the kitchen. It must be strong enough to withstand the elements in your high-traffic kitchen. Your second priority will be aesthetics, then followed with cleaning and maintenance. The last thing you need to consider is the price. 

    In terms of color, white and neutral colors are the go-to choice for small kitchens. By choosing this hue, you are increasing the vibrancy and modern appeal in your kitchen makeover.

    In contrast, BLACK KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS is an excellent choice for those wanting a dramatic appeal. You can have black granite, quartz, and marble for this purpose. Meanwhile, having a white, gray, or gold specks or veining patterns on your rich black countertop would make a stunning attraction in your kitchen area.

    Based on a market survey, the best kitchen countertop material includes granite, quartz, soapstone, concrete, stainless steel, glass, butcher block, and marble. If you are still undecided as of the moment, worry not as we are going to help you with this task.

    How much does kitchen countertop cost?

    Your KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS INSTALLATION COST will vary depending on the contractor and material. On average, the projected cost for installing a kitchen countertop ranges from $10 to $30 per square foot (excluding material cost).

    For instance, granite’s average cost is $15 to $140 per square foot. The overall cost for installing a granite kitchen countertop will be around $25 to $150 per square foot installed. Engineered quartz stone costs around $15 to $70 per square foot material only.  Marble on the other hand is $15 to $190 per square foot.

    For a 55-square foot kitchen countertop, its KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS AVERAGE COST is $800 to $4,000. You can always contact us to request our KITCHEN COUNTERTOP PRICES.

    If you are deciding to get a makeover with your stone countertops, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are a licensed and insured remodeling contractor in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

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