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When it comes to improving the ambiance and aesthetics of your bathroom, renovating it is your best choice. Bathroom remodeling is one exciting project you can work on if you want to make your master bath or guest powder room more invigorating than ever.

That said, knowing trending small bathroom remodeling ideas can help you choose the best design for your master bath and powder rooms. We’ve prepared a few small bathroom remodeling ideas before and after images that’ll inspire you today.

Wide shower and new toilet

If you feel cramped inside your shower and toilet, perhaps, you need to reconsider breaking down a wall for expansion. By doing that, you can expand your walk-in shower. You can have clear glass or frosted glass for the shower wall.

As for your bathroom cabinets, choosing a muted color would be great. It helps make your small bathroom look spacious. To make a good contrast with your cabinet doors, go for a bar pull or knob with a darker color. It could be matte black or bronze.

Installing a new toilet would be essential, especially if the old one is very outdated. This must be top of mind when doing small bathroom remodeling

Revamp your old pedestal sink

Your pedestal sink is one of the highlights of your bathroom. If you see that it’s been outdated for years, now is the right time for an upgrade. We have different designs and sizes of vanities you can have for remodeling a small bathroom. Here are some luxurious vanities you can explore for your bathroom.

Riga 20 White / Gray Vanity

This one comes in white or gray color. The sizes available are 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, and 60″. It has a simple design with great functionality for a modern bathroom. The industrial finish and metal frames of Riga can match with modern or organic materials inside your master bath and powder rooms.

Riga 48 Double Sink Vanity 

This has similar looks and functionality to the Riga 20 but with two sinks. It’s great for families and has bigger bathrooms. You’ll have more countertop space with this, perfect when two people are using the vanity top.

In terms of design, it’s perfect for a modern zen bathroom. You can place an Oriental rug and some plants to make it homier. In bathroom remodeling, small things matter. That said, the things you place on your sink, must match the entire looks of your vanity.

Make it more modern

You can search online for more small bathroom remodeling ideas and photos for inspiration. But so far, giving your bathroom a more contemporary vibe would be great. That said, geometric patterns and muted tones are the major traits of a modern bathroom. You can also see more metallic surfaces for most master baths and guest powder rooms today.

Here are a few suggestions we have for you:

  • Revamp your old vanity mirror and go for those with brass or bronze metal frames
  • Geometric designs for your walls and floors
  • Touchless faucet
  • Floating vanity or dual sink
  • Waterfall overhead shower and handheld showerhead
  • More lighting inside and place some plants

Make it more MARBLE-LOUS

There are tons of small bathroom remodeling ideas online. But there’s one evident element you can always find, and that’s your marble. That said, you can transform your musty bathroom into a fabulous one by installing the most gorgeous marble.

You can upgrade your bathroom countertops, walls, and flooring with marble. There are different kinds and colors available in our selection for you to choose from.

Arabescato Carrara

This has a soft white tone with a dusty gray overlay. It’s perfect for a white bathroom remodel. It can coordinate well with geometric accessories and patterns for a more contemporary feel.

Afyon Black

If you want more depth or drama, then Afyon Black marble is your perfect choice. It has a black background with a dusty white color. By using this, it can give a classier and more dramatic feel to your small bathroom remodeling.

Avalanche White 

If you want a dramatic white marble for remodeling a small bathroom, then this is a great option. The exciting color combinations of white, gray, and gold of this marble slab are ideal for contemporary homes.

There’s a moving pattern on every slab, and it’ll make a stunning statement in your space. When remodeling a small bathroom, you have to consider the patterns of your marble slab. They must be cohesive with other design elements inside your space.

You can explore more options for our marble countertops on our site. There are plenty of selections there for your bathroom renovations.

Connect with the outdoor

Among the best ideas for remodeling a small bathroom on a budget is to have windows that let you enjoy the view of the outdoors. You can put beautiful draperies on your windows to give them a cozy feel.

We can place your freestanding tub near the window. That way, you can enjoy the view while having your bubble bath. Installing metallic fixtures and accessories is also ideal for modern bathrooms. 

Walk-in showers and wide vanity mirrors are good as well for your bathroom remodels. If you want more small bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget picture, feel free to reach out.

Transform dingy floor tiles to brand new ones

Bathroom flooring is one of the attractive elements you can update in your bathroom. It takes up most of the space inside, so investing in a beautiful flooring tile would be great. In our store, we have a selection of floor tiles for you.  Whether you need a vinyl, porcelain, or ceramic tile, we can help you pick the right one.

We’ll help you choose one that is non-slip and beautiful for your space. It’ll blend well with your vanity and walls.

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