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Most remodelista and homeowners who are completely stylish but cares about functionality are considering the most popular quartz countertops in the market. There is extensive design variety from different types of quartz countertops which can help you achieve a theme for contemporary and farmhouse kitchen.

If you are eyeing for quartz countertops for your remodeling, it is best if you know the best benefits to reap off from this elegant and versatile stone.

1.) Versatile Designs and Tones

Because engineered quartz countertops are synthetic stones, manufacturers can quickly change its patterns and color tones to provide a variety of options for you. You can find quartz slabs that mimic the beauty of marble and granite without the worries of sealing.

Most customers cannot resist to lay their eyes on this lucrative stone because of its sophisticated and stylish design, which can fairly match virtually all sorts of accents and backgrounds inside your kitchen.

It is with quartz that you can definitely play around of having transitional, modern, or classic kitchen themes. White quartz countertops are the best choice to spruce up studio-sized kitchens. Likewise, it provides that sleek and tidy appeal in your kitchen redo.

2.) Affordable Countertop Material

Granite and marble are some of the best contenders of quartz natural stone, but these stones usually come at a hefty price. With engineered quartz stones, you are able to save up from enjoying the natural aesthetics of these natural stones.

The average cost of quartz countertops is around $60 to $100 per square foot installed. When you want further customization on the edge profile, veining, and shape, then that entails additional labor cost in your budget. Similar to other materials, quartz’s price also varies depending on the quality and types you purchase from the suppliers.

If you are looking for an affordable package for installing quartz countertops in your kitchen and bath, simply contact us for a free quote or advice.

3.) No Sealing and Low Cleaning Requirements

If you have a busy kitchen, then there is a greater chance that spills and stains will be there in your kitchen countertop. With that, you need to have a countertop material that shall be highly resistive with moisture, liquids, and mildews, and your best quartz countertops has it all.

Quartz slabs are made from 95% to 97% crushed quartz while 5% to 3% are polymer resin binders. The resin polymers are responsible for the natural low porosity feature of quartz. Unlike granite and marble, there is no need to impregnate sealants on your elegant quartz stone.

In line, cleaning your quartz countertops comes really easy. You just have to use a neutral dish soap solution and a soft towel in wiping off food crumbs and spills on its surface. Likewise, quartz is fairly impervious against acidic and basic solutions, so there is no problem with etch marks.

Meanwhile, most homeowners would opt for polishing quartz countertops to keep a glossy and fancy appearance in your contemporary kitchen. It provides parallel appeal with your polished marble stone.

4.) Better Return on Investment

If you have consulted a real estate agent with regards to selling your property, then he might have told you about upgrading your kitchen to increase chances of sale and its resale value.

When it comes to this matters, installing the best quartz countertops would surely be of great help. Getting an upgrade with your kitchen countertop provides better leverage in increasing overall property value by 80% to 100% based on your cost of upgrade.

The kitchen area is also considered the heart of every home today, so making a stylish and functional upgrade with your kitchen and countertop entices more prospects in buying your property.

We have plenty of designs of quartz countertops in our showroom for you to choose and install in your kitchen remodeling. Our affordable packages will surely fit your budget while maximizing your returns from the upgrade.

5.) Durable and Eco-Friendly

Like granite and marble, the initial raw material for quartz is also mined and quarried from the environment. However, the other variety of engineered quartz countertops sold in the market are already made from existing crushed quartz, so there is no more mining for raw materials.

Apart from that, quartz emits very low contents of volatile carbons and radiation from different mineral contents. This makes quartz an exceptional choice for your green kitchen countertops. If you want to save more, you can opt for quartz brands that are made in North America, so there will be less cost for logistics.

So, What’s Your Take?

When it comes to elegant style with exceptional functionality, all types of quartz countertops are a great candidate for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. There is less hassle for cleaning and maintenance, but you still need to properly take care of it to retain its luxurious appeal.

When you are looking for the best quartz countertops and licensed contractor to customize and install it, you can lean on us anytime. Contact us today so we can talk about your concerns and needs for remodeling.

Investing in quartz countertops for your kitchen and bathroom makeover is a smart decision to spruce up your space while gaining economic value for your home.

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