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Whether you are renovating your bathroom for listing or love, you have plenty of things to handle for this matter, and upgrading your bathroom vanity tops is one of them.

Will it be easy? The truth untold, it will be daunting to find the most suitable countertop material to spruce your vanity tops. It’s the main reason why we are sharing in this read the key points you need to consider for your best bathroom vanity tops.

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How Much It Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom and Countertops?

The average price for a mid-range bathroom remodeling runs between $3,000 to $25,000, where your small bathroom redo can hit anywhere between $6,000 to $15,000.

Based on your budget, your investment for your lovely custom bathroom countertop is around 10% to 30%. No need to worry if you want a more affordable one, for we can effortlessly take care of that.

Factors You Need To Look Into In Selecting Bathroom Countertops

Selecting your fabulous expensive and cheap bathroom countertops will be like choosing new carpets for your home. You will prioritize beauty over functionality since your bathroom countertops are not always bombarded with the harsh elements like in your kitchen.


Unlike your kitchen countertops, durability won’t be on top of your priorities since you aim to beautify your small or master en bath. For small bathrooms, we recommend that you install white or any neutral tones for your bathroom vanity countertops.

With that, it eliminates the cave-like feeling while creating a wider space vibe in your walk-in shower and powder room. Plus, it will pair well with your slab-style or floating base cabinets.

Moreover, a streamlined approach or those with a subtle splash of hues and veining patterns would suit well to your contemporary bathroom makeover.

Matte or Polished Finish

Choosing the appropriate finish for your bathroom vanities with tops is highly important since it can affect their appearance and water resistance. With the high moisture level and presence of water inside your bathroom, we recommend a glossy finish.

When you have a polished countertop, water splashes and stains will be easily wicked off. Moreover, it reflects light from your lamps that will increase the brightness of your small bathroom.

Nevertheless, getting a matte or honed finish will still be viable, yet you need to embrace stains and higher cleaning maintenance. If you are choosing engineered quartz stone, then getting a matte finish will be less of a problem.

Reliable Strength

The durability of your vanity tops will be your third factor to look into, considering it will be exposed to soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other bathing products. It need not be super tough, yet it must be strong enough to withstand those elements.

Luckily, we have different types of bathroom countertops that have reliable toughness that best fits your choice. Some of the in-demand materials we can offer you are quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, and others depending on your budget and needs.

Veining Styles

Do you like thicker or subtle veining styles for your vanity tops? If you want a dramatic appeal, then you can go for thicker veining with darker tones. To make it more exciting, then we can have those with random speckles of white, gray, or gold from your darker background.

Marble is one of your best choices when you want thicker and richer veining patterns. Despite its soft nature, it is still sought after by many homeowners and remodelers. 

In contrast, finer veining styles like the ones you see in granite or quartz slabs project better finesse and modernity for your bathroom countertops. Further, you can also choose between a waterfall or round edge profile to make it flowing and safe for your children.

Straightforward to Clean and Care

Besides durability and design, you would also love it if you need to do little cleaning and maintenance for your lovely vanity tops, right? In that case, some of your exceptional options include granite, engineered quartz, quartzite, and soapstone.

Even high-maintenance marble slabs are still one of the best contenders in the countertop industry. Natural stones like marble and granite have porous surfaces, yet no need to worry since we can treat them before installation.

Nevertheless, you can also opt for cultured marble and granite if you want to get rid of annual or monthly sealing. 

Your Options for Modern or Classic Bathroom Countertops

Before we finally end this read, we are sharing some of the prominent countertop materials you can have for this effort. With that, we hope it will help you find which one suits you well for your vanity top upgrade.


It is considered one of the high-end materials for your countertop makeover. With its fine veining and magnificent hues, you can never resist staring at its natural elegance. One main gripe of granite will be its porous surface, which we can treat to enhance its waterproof ability.

Engineered Quartz

Currently, this cultured stone has eaten a huge chunk of granite’s customers, because it is slightly cheaper and naturally non-porous. If you want better consistency with design and hues, then quartz is your winning choice.

Besides its low cleaning and maintenance, you can never readily use it for outdoor countertops since it discolors under the sun. For your streamlined and contemporary bathroom redo, engineered quartz countertops will best fit in the picture.


It has a soft nature which is prone to etching and dents when exposed to acidic solutions and sharp objects. However, marble is on the high-end spectrum for countertop materials. 

Its melodramatic styles, rich palettes, and glossy finish greatly contribute to its stunning appearance. If you want a natural streamlined look in your bathroom makeover, then marble is here for you.


Similar to quartz, a solid surface imitates the luxurious beauty of natural stones minus its porous and soft nature. Some of the known brands of solid surface include Staron, Avonite, Corian, and Gibraltar.

If you’re scared about molds and mildews inside your bathroom, then quartzite or solid surface is your best choice. Its antibacterial properties are amazing and reliable.


Further, if you need professional assistance for installing your new bathroom countertops for the right price, then contact us at Gold Cabinets and Countertops. We give free estimate service and consultation. We have a team of friendly and well-trained professionals that will serve you well in this effort. Call us now, or check us on Facebook anytime!

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