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You are planning to renovate your kitchen and master bath, yet you only have enough budget to upgrade your countertops. Along the way of choosing which countertop material is most ideal, you are torn between engineered quartz and the best granite countertops.

There’s no need for you to panic because both granite and engineered quartz are highly valued in the market. The challenging part is matching your needs and finances with the appropriate stone countertop.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for credible local granite fabricators, then you can call us Gold Cabinets and Countertops. We have a firm reputation when it comes to renovating your cabinetry and countertops at the best price guarantee.

Meanwhile, in this read, we are going to help you understand the positive traits and setbacks of each mineral, so you will have a better decision in the end. Let’s start!



Your expensive and cheap granite countertops are 100% made from natural minerals that are mined and quarried underneath the ground. Technically, granite is a combination of various minerals which include mica, feldspar, quartz, and others.

Besides the natural granite, there are also cultured granites produced in the industry, which highly compete with quartz countertops. These engineered granites are now resistant to stains and water without the need for sealing maintenance.


Meanwhile, our engineered quartz stone is made up of 95% natural pulverized quartz and other minerals, then combined with 5% polymer resin binders. With this, quartz is innately durable and resilient to stains and bacterial growth, since it is non-porous.

Beauty and Design


A lot of homeowners and commercial establishments are captivated by the classic natural appearance of granite. There numerous styles, patterns, and hues to choose from which include white, black, green, red, and a combination of all these palettes.

The subtle hue and veining patterns of custom granite countertops highly contribute to its authority as the Rolls Royce in stone countertops. Unlike those engineered stones, there are limited types of granite countertops available in most granite countertop stores.


In contrast, cultured quartz presents more varied styles and patterns for homeowners and remodelers. Stone manufacturers can readily modify their hue and veining patterns in the production process, usually mimicking the appearance of marble and granite.

The trademark of quartz stone is consistency and modern appeal which suits well if you like to achieve a contemporary and minimalist look in your kitchen island and bathroom vanities.

Nonetheless, the main gripe of quartz will be its visible seams which you can minimize by installing larger slabs or choosing those with a bolder veining pattern.

Impact on Nature


The process of producing your lovely granite slabs takes a sufficient amount of fuel and electricity starting from its quarrying phase down to cutting your slabs.

Nevertheless, most manufacturers are already implementing sustainable systems that make granite slab production greener and energy-efficient.


In contrast, quartz is made from pulverized quartz and other mineral traces which makes it greener than granite. Nonetheless, it still uses fuel and electricity in producing your quartz slabs and countertops.



In general, your granite countertops cost will vary from one supplier to another, at the same for the granite type you are purchasing. The average price of granite countertops is $60 to $100 per square foot.

If you want to save more, then you can opt for granite remnants or tile countertops. Further, choosing the best granite for a reasonable cost is highly possible and we can help you with that.

For your best kitchen island and granite bathroom countertops, don’t hesitate to contact us.


In contrast, quartz stone countertops usually have a higher upfront cost than granite, where its average price is $75 to $150 per square foot, depending on the type and thickness.

Always remember that regardless of your stone material, customizing your countertops entails extra cost. The usually added cost for countertop installation includes edge profiling, sealing maintenance, finishes, and sink cutouts.

Resilience to Heat, Scratch, Cracks, and Dents


When it comes to unquestionable hardness and heat resistance, you can rely on all types of granite stone countertops. For your high-traffic kitchen, granite countertops can efficiently withstand all these natural elements and blunt force.

Despite its durability, we still suggest that you use your cutting boards, trivets, and hot pads to preserve the appearance of your granite.


Surprisingly, quartz is harder than granite, so those light scratches and dents will no longer be a problem. However, you cannot expose quartz to hot objects and UV rays because it will readily discolor.

Therefore, your hot pads, coasters, trivets, and wooden boards won’t go away when you are using quartz kitchen island and sink countertops.

Stone Care And Maintenance


It has a porous surface so we need to impregnate the sealants to your granite slabs to enhance its anti-stain and moisture properties. With that, it will be easier to clean and maintain the condition of your granite kitchen island and vanity tops.

In cleaning it, you just have to use mild dishwashing liquid or neutral stone cleaners paired with soft microfiber. You have to avoid those abrasive scrubbers when wiping off debris and stains over your granite surfaces.


Meanwhile, you will do the same thing for your modern and cool quartz countertops. Both stones require low cleaning and maintenance, the main difference is that quartz doesn’t need periodic sealing due to its non-porous surface.

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We hope you had a great time reading through the article and in getting a sound decision of whether to choose granite or quartz countertops. Nevertheless, you can always contact us at Gold Cabinets and Countertops for further consultations.

You can call our office to book for an in-house inspection and detailed costing for your stone countertop installation needs.

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