5 Tips When Choosing The Perfect White Marble Slab For Your Kitchen Countertop

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When selecting the best material for your kitchen countertops, you tend to be picky, right? That’s understandable since it must be durable and beautiful to add value to your kitchen and home.

If you scour the cabinet shops around, marble countertops are one of the in-demand choices, because of its genuine beauty and reliability in the kitchen. The cost of marble countertops do not come cheap, but it definitely gives off a lot of benefits that you could enjoy. 

Are you ecstatic about finding the best white marble slabs for your kitchen countertopWe’ll give you 5 practical tips to refer to for this matter.

White marble is not afraid of stains

White marble countertops are great for modern kitchens. If you’re worried about stains, don’t be since there are different shades of white marble slabs. You can have creamy white or off-white marble slabs. Other hues available are gold, black, green, and gray marble slabs. Pick one that best fits your cabinets and walls.

Also, we can seal off your marble kitchen countertops so that they can better wick off stains and moisture. Our stone experts can help you with that, so you never have to worry about stains on your kitchen countertop.

Alternatively, you can have black marble countertops for your kitchen. This type of kitchen countertop is an excellent alternative to white marble. Both display classic and timeless beauty while adding value to your kitchen. Both are also versatile to match any kitchen cabinet color ideas as well. 

Whether you choose white or black marble, you can have a chrome, copper, or bronze finish for your cabinet hardware. That’ll be a perfect match for your kitchen marble countertops.

But take note, you’d have to reseal your marble every year to keep its anti-stain resistance.

Each marble slab has a distinct pattern

The veining patterns of marble slabs are unique and beautiful. This makes seams and stains more invisible to the eye. Take advantage of that, and pick a design with larger veining patterns. There are white marble countertops with gray, gold, and black streaks. 

There are different styles of veining patterns of marble. Some of the famous ones are the following:

  • Linear: These are continuous lines or streaks of colors running across the marble. This is ideal, if you want your countertop to look longer, or if it matches the patterns on your cabinet door profile.
  • Tree veins: The patterns run like capillary veins on the human body. It randomly runs across the marble, making it more interesting and attractive.
  • Breccia veins: This pattern makes marble seem to be broken like a puzzle. It’s similar to a terrazzo where the marble slab seems to have groups of islands on the surface.
  • Brocades: This looks similar to breccia but with smaller fragments on the surface. 

Picking the right veining pattern helps hide the stains on your marble. You can check out our showroom to view the best kitchen countertops in the market. We can help you pick the right marble design to fit your kitchen remodel. You can also look at some of the best kitchen remodeling trends for you to have a clearer vision of your desired kitchen design.  

Plan on how to join those marble slabs

The arrangement of your marble slabs for your kitchen countertop affects its appearance. You might want to be strategic on how to join them so that stains would be invisible. You can choose to have veining patterns to continuously flow from one slab to another. This makes it look seamless, and stains would be less visible.

We can customize the cutting size and installment of your kitchen countertops. We can help you with that since we have the proper tools and experience to ensure we work around your needs. 

Our installers have the experience and skill to accurately install your marble slabs. We can even help you install them on your backsplash and walls. That’s our expertise, and you can rely on us for that. When you need a professional for your marble countertop installation, you can count on us.

Make it glossy 

When it comes to your kitchen countertop options, selecting the right finish is an integral element. You know that the cost of kitchen remodeling doesn’t come cheap. That said, we recommend that you have a glossy finish on your white marble countertops. This improves the stain resistance on your slab. Plus, coating them with sealant every year, would greatly help maintain the beauty and luster of your marble kitchen countertops. 

Well, a matte finish could still work, and it helps hide those scratches on your countertop. But you need to ensure to seal them off every year to avoid molds growing on your marble.

Customize the countertop edge profile

There are different edge styles to your kitchen marble countertops. We can have the bullnose, square edge, mitered, beveled, and more. Each edge profile has its respective pros and cons, which you need to consider. That way, you are picking the right edge profile for your ergonomic marble kitchen.

In our showroom, we customize the edge styles of kitchen countertops to match our customer’s preferences. We can accurately do that through our modern equipment in cutting off stone slabs for countertops.

So far, the in-demand edge styles are beveled, bullnose, half-bullnose, and round. They are safe for children and seniors. Moreover, they are good for modern and transitional kitchens. But basically, we can help you get the right edge style for your marble countertops.

Last Thoughts?

We hope we have helped you understand the beauty of white marble for your kitchen countertops. White isn’t a hindrance when it comes to stains and keeping them beautiful. We can help you find ways to preserve the elegance of your white marble countertops. 

If you want to view our best collections, you can see them on our website, or you can visit our showroom. We can help you mix and match stone slabs for your kitchen renovation.

We also have other products there for your kitchen makeover. Our project manager will guide you on this, and pick the right marble slab for your kitchen.

If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

Call us now, or check us at Facebook anytime!

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