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One of the distinguished elements in your kitchen is your cabinetry. As simple as they seem, kitchen cabinets can completely make or break a kitchen design. Choosing the right cabinets for your needs and lifestyle can be challenging as there are so many styles you can choose from. There are also many cabinet shops offering you different cabinets, and choosing one that would work perfectly for you can be quite tricky. 

Understanding what your options are and the type of cabinet that suits your needs will help you select the best cabinetry for your kitchen. 

Amongst sought-after kitchen cabinet idea in the market today is a flat panel. Flat-panel is characterized by its simple design. Regardless of your kitchen’s design, this type of cabinet can help elevate the looks of your home. Read on to learn more about flat-panel kitchen cabinets.

What are Flat Panel Cabinet Kitchens?

What are Flat Panel Cabinet Kitchens

The flat-panel cabinet is also termed a slab kitchen because of its characteristics where they don’t have any frills or frames. They are one of the most-sought designs because of their sleekness and clean appearance, although, there are cabinet colors to choose from.

Kitchen cabinets with flat-panel are gaining popularity today because of their minimalistic design. Flat-panel kitchen cabinets fit well with a modern or contemporary look. Their wood grain patterns accentuate well for traditional themes. 

Flat-panel cabinets feature well-crafted and polished woodwork which makes its own statement. They are more affordable compared to other kitchen cabinet designs because flat panel cabinets can be painted or stain-grade with wood veneer.

What are the advantages of a flat-panel kitchen cabinet?

What are the advantages of a flat-panel kitchen cabinet


Since the designs of flat-panel are simple they can be customized by adding decorative glasses. You can also upgrade your slab kitchen cabinets by painting them.

Easy to clean

They don’t have groves that attract dust.


Flat cabinets are less expensive than the other styles because they require fewer materials. If you want an inexpensive cabinet that gives off expensive look, this is the one for you. As a matter of fact, there are gorgeous white kitchen cabinet ideas that oozes with charm.


It has less impact on the room’s overall style. Therefore, it blends well in any room where aesthetics doesn’t matter much.

Flat panel kitchen cabinet door styles

Flat panel kitchen cabinet door styles
Flat panel kitchen cabinet doors come in different styles, each is unique in its own way. Depending on your design preference, there are many options for incorporating slab cabinet doors.

High gloss

As the style suggests, it showcases high-gloss finishes with a shiny appearance. The high gloss cabinet finish is usually in metallic or white colors. 

This flat panel cabinet door kitchen is more costly than other styles and colors. Therefore, make sure this fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. 


Waterborne finish is an environmentally friendly option as it provides an eco-friendly ultra-violet (UV) finish. These types of kitchen cabinet flat panel doors are scratch-resistant and have love for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Waterborne finish requires less time to make as they dry quickly. Also, they require UV light to cure. 


A matte flat panel kitchen doors showcase a simple yet polished finish. These are perfect for modern themes. Gray and matte black kitchen cabinets are popular for their striking look which complements well with honed brass or rose hardware.


A glazed cabinet door finish is most used when applying faux finishes. This can change the color and texture of any cabinet. This kind of finish needs several rounds of sanding and re-staining. If you want to highlight the details of your wood grain, a glazed finish is the best alternative for you.


Thermofoil kitchen cabinet flat panel doors are scratch resistant and easy to clean. They are thermally glued and vacuum sealed to medium-density fiberboard (MDF). They come in two colors; linen or white.

Integrated Handles

Integrated handles are made by removing the protruding handles and pulls. The infix handle makes your cabinet look smooth and clean.


Varnish adds extra heat resistance and increases the durability of the cabinets. Most manufacturers use polyurethane-catalyzed varnish for the topcoat. For a more traditional finish, oil and resins are used.

Types of flat panel kitchen cabinet doors based on their construction method

Types of flat panel kitchen cabinet doors based on their construction method
Flat panel cabinet doors or slab doors are commonly associated with solid slabs because they don’t have frames. These doors can be constructed in many ways and the methods of construction affect the price of the cabinets.

Solid Hardwood

This is the most pricey and durable construction. They are formed from solid hardwood boards glued up on the edge. There are cozy kitchen renovation ideas that you might want to check using solid hardwood for flat panel kitchen cabinets.

Class A, Furniture- Grade Plywood

The face layer comes from high-quality hardwood applied over cheaper ply of softer woods such as pine. They come in finish-grade plywood panels and the edges are covered with hardwood veneer tape.

This is a good alternative if you plan to save a few bucks for your kitchen cabinets. We can help you install this cabinet in your kitchen and bathroom.

MDF Particle Board

This is a standard material used for doors. The doors constructed from medium-density fiberboard can be painted or covered with plastic laminate or thermofoil. They also can be coated in a melamine exterior.

Which is better, raised or flat panel cabinets?

Which is better, raised or flat panel cabinets

Raised panel cabinets offer a more ornate and dramatic design than a flat panel. However, it’s not as versatile as the latter when it comes to matching different kitchen layouts. You can always talk to kitchen remodeling experts and see what they could come up with. 

In terms of color, raised panels are darker, so dirt can be invisible to the eye most of the time. But this is not good for modern kitchens since neutral colors are their distinguishing palette. If you have flat panel cabinets, they come in muted tones that make your kitchen cleaner and more spacious. 

In terms of cabinet style, a flat panel offers more flexibility than a raised panel. The latter is more inclined to formal kitchens while the former can marry to modern, transitional, or classic kitchen remodels.

Adding new cabinets to your home adds value to your property. The storage system of your home is improved by installing a custom cabinet that fits your storage needs. If you need a custom flat panel cabinet, we can help you install one.

Final Thoughts

Having flat panel replacement kitchen cabinet doors is a good decision. You have more freedom in picking the size and color for a flat panel cabinet to match your current kitchen design. In terms of value and beauty, you’ll enjoy this cabinet style since they are simple yet elegant to look at.

If you’re looking for a cabinet store to find the best kitchen cabinets, you can find them in our showroom. We have a collection of different cabinet styles, that includes flat panel cabinets. Our designers can help you design a custom cabinet to fit your needs and budget. 

Visit our showroom today, or book an appointment for a free consultation. Call us now, or check us at Facebook anytime!

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