Kitchen Countertop Color Styles To Consider

Kitchen Countertop Color Styles To Consider

Most of our customers would ask for the best material for their kitchen countertop installation. In choosing the best material, you would have to consider several factors which can complicate your selection process.

Truth to be told, giving you the best kitchen countertop color style provides you with a simpler way of fitting the right material in achieving your modern kitchen remodeling. Here, we are going to elaborate more on these popular and head-turning styles and color for your affordable kitchen countertop.

Modern Minimalist with Pure White

Typically, you get a pure white kitchen countertop with engineered quartz stones. Two of the best quartz brands we can suggest is Corian and Caesarstone. You can rarely see a pure white surface from natural stones like granite and marble.

This color style for your modern kitchen countertop exudes a crisp, refreshing, and neat curb appeal in your kitchen makeover. Likewise, we highly recommend this hue for those with small kitchen space as it increases the illusion of having a bigger working space.

Moreover, your stark white kitchen countertop fits well for a contemporary space. It effortlessly brings out natural elegance while increasing the resale value of your home.

Sophisticated Feel with Black or Dark Color Tone

White isn’t just the sole hue to flair up your affordable kitchen countertop. If you are looking for another hue aside from white, then try considering black or dark-colored kitchen countertops. With this, you can have solid black, flecked, or matte black kitchen countertops for your kitchen renovation.

You can also opt for charcoal black or slabs with a black background with soft grains of silver, gray or white randomly scattered all around the background.

You can create a streamlined appeal with your dark-toned cabinetry and furniture when you have a black kitchen countertop installation. It seamlessly fits well with all other dark-colored accents and accessories in your modern kitchen. 

Overall, this color style exudes a cozy and sophisticated ambiance in your newly remodeled kitchen.

White Kitchen Countertop with Soft Grain or Veining Patterns

For those who love the beauty of natural stone and the color white, you can always opt for kitchen countertops with any shades of white with soft veining or grain patterns in the background. 

The neutral color of white paired with soft veining makes it highly flexible to fit with other colors and accessories inside your renovated kitchen. With this, you get to enjoy the subtle rich color and neatness of this pale-toned kitchen countertop.

Some of the common materials you can have for this style include marble, granite, quartz, and soapstone.

Approachable and Warm Wood Tones 

Despite the flair of modernism in your kitchen, you can constructively insert wood kitchen countertops to achieve a nostalgic and approachable curb appeal in your kitchen redo.

Likewise, when you have an existing wooden cabinetry in your kitchen, wooden kitchen countertop installation will be most suitable. This is also an exceptional choice for transitional kitchen design, that is, creating a smooth fusion of contemporary and traditional kitchen theme.

The overall impact of this color style is bringing a homey air in your crisp and clean white kitchen space.

Friendly Appeal with Gray and Midtone Colors

If you want a friendly ambiance in your contemporary kitchen, then choosing a gray or midtone color style for your kitchen countertop is a smart choice. Gray kitchen countertops also fit well with your colorful kitchen cabinets.

By choosing midtone or gray hues, you are able to harmonize the vibrant colors inside your kitchen. If you have a black or white background in your kitchen, your gray kitchen countertops will serve as their bridge for harmonization and softening.

Moreover, your metallic accessories and surfaces will truly stand out when you install midtone color kitchen counters.

Bold Veinings for a Dramatic Appeal

Kitchen countertops with bold and darker veinings is suitable for your large kitchen space. It exudes substantial depth and dramatic appeal which brings life in your crisp modern kitchen.

If you have dark-toned kitchen cabinetry, the bolder veining patterns in your kitchen countertop will provide a subtle offset with a flair of elegance. Mostly, marble and granite  stones are used for this matter as their natural veinings truly captivates all audiences.

In choosing this color style, you are making your affordable kitchen countertop as the center of attraction in your kitchen Reno. Just make sure to have lesser patterns with your kitchen cabinets when you opt for kitchen counters with bolder veinings, as this can reduce its dramatic impact.


You have the freedom to choose what material to use for your kitchen countertop installation. Choosing the best color style for your kitchen countertop matters as it can influence the overall appeal of your newly renovated kitchen.

When you have chosen the right color and style, it would be easier to find an appropriate material for your modern kitchen countertop.

Should you need further assistance on the fabrication, customization, and installation of your countertops, you can lean on us anytime. We have the right experience, training, and material to provide you with the best kitchen countertop to spruce your remodeling and elevate the resale value of your property.

Contact us today.

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