Popular and Appealing Marble Countertop Colors In Alexandria, VA

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If you are in the mood to add some marble colors for countertops in Alexandria, VA, you will be excited to know that we have compiled a great list for you.

There are many marble countertop pros and cons. One is that, marble is a classic and elegant choice for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as for building mantles and fireplaces. Second, it comes in many colors that will definitely work with the kitchen theme that you have.

It’s difficult to resist the enticing glow of milky Carrara or the mystical, emerald depths of Marquina, two of the many available types of marble countertops colors

However, if you want to add a dash of marble color countertops and a dramatic accent to your room, you can consider a marble variation with those qualities.

Choosing Marble Countertops Colors

Your kitchen or bathroom’s natural stone countertop should be the room’s focal point and the foundation for the rest of the design.

There are a lot of different colors of marble countertops that will fit well to your kitchen and bath design. 

If you’re used to the typical neutral marble kinds that have ruled the interior design industry for the past few decades, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you have access to a plethora of vibrant and dramatic kitchen countertops marble colors in Alexandria, VA.

Calacatta Gold Marble

Because of its pure white backdrop and subtle gray veining, Calacatta marble isn’t often thought of as stunning. This type, which comes from northern Italy, is very unique because it has ropy veins of light gold mixed in with the rich, honey-colored tones.

In this modern kitchen, the waterfall island illustrates that even if the color scheme is limited, it is anything but subtle. When the Calacatta Gold marble is put next to white cabinets and rich, reddish, medium-tone wood flooring, it creates a beautiful focal point.

Arabescato Corchia Marble

This natural stone slab is full of surprises; full of blues and grays, it is not in the typical color varieties of typical marble. With a cool, white background and dense, chunky, gray-blue veining, this variety delivers a little color and a lot of drama, while still delivering the classic luxury that marble is prized for.

Even if it’s not on display as a countertop, you can still appreciate its beauty in a New York City bathroom’s eclectic design, which features Venetian plaster walls for a classic look and a blue-stained concrete floor for a touch of the contemporary. There are many bathroom remodeling trends using this kind of marble that you might want to check out. 

Sodalite Blue Marble

Sodalite blue marble looks like a gem because it has lazulite, calcite, and pyrite in it. The end product is a deep blue shade that borders on purple, with considerable areas of cream, gray, and gold and fine tracery in a web of white.

Marble has been utilized extensively in this contemporary, minimalist bathroom, not just for the countertop surface but also on the walls, producing an effect akin to plunging into the cool waters of the Atlantic. A vessel sink made of frosted glass and a sleek chrome faucet complete the look.

Rainforest Green Marble

Rainforest Green Marble is a stunning example of how strikingly vibrant marble can be. This stone is also available in granite versions, with different compositions.

The background of this Indian variety is a shade of medium to dark green, and its stripes of rich rust, brown, and black look like branches cutting through the upper levels of a forest. In addition, cream coloration with faint veining may be seen.

This marble is a daring option due to its striking color and pattern variations and its lively movement, but it’s simple to work with. As an illustration, consider a classic New York laundry room with brick floors, moss green walls, cream cabinets for contrast, and rich cherry wood for the door frames and baseboards.

Rojo Alicante Marble

This colorful Spanish marble is quarried in a wide variety of colors, from a deep red to a rusty pink, with darker red undertones and creamy white veining that can range from fine hairline veins to thick striations.

Rojo Alicante marble was used extensively on the island and perimeter surfaces and the backsplash of the stove alcove in this traditional kitchen. For the island, you can even find a matching lazy Susan.

When combined with neutrals like beige floors, cream cabinets, and gold hardware, the rustic appeal of the red marble really shines through and amps up the opulence.

Emperador Dark Marble

The Emperador marble was mined in Spain and there is a great deal of drama and personality in this dark marble. The surface is dominated by thick, dynamic light brown, gray, and white veining. The background is a rich, dark, earthy brown.

It may not be a jewel tone, but its contrast and movement make it a striking accent to any space, such as in this conventional bathroom, where the marble shows out against the white cabinets and cream walls.

Choosing a bright marble color for your countertops takes some courage and exploration, but the result is a unique space that will make your guests green with envy.

Tan Marble

For bathrooms and kitchens with tan, beige, or off-white marble worktops, warmer accent colors are recommended. Tan marble looks lovely with light mocha brown, warm peach, yellow-gold, taupe, or soft gray.

You may also choose an accent color that is just one or two shades lighter or darker on the same color strip from a paint swatch that closely matches your marble.

Most of the time, accent colors that go well with the brown, peach, or gray veins and flecks in tan marble work best. If you’re looking for a little more contrast, most types of tan marble go well with muted greens like olive, sage, and gray-green.

Dark Brown Marble

Dark brown marble looks strong in most settings because it has a warm, earthy color. Therefore, if your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry is dark, you need accent colors that will make the space feel light and airy.

Pick out shades of white, tan, terra cotta, light gray, soft gray-green, yellow-gold, Wedgewood blue, champagne, or taupe. To unify the marble and wood, you may pick a shade that appears in both the marble’s veins and the wood’s grains.

For example, the small orange veins in brown marble often go well with the peach undertones of maple cabinets.

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