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Kitchen cabinet design and ideas is one of the most critical decisions of homeownership, because you will likely use your kitchen cabinets everyday for as long as you own your home. There are a lot of ideas on how to design kitchen cabinets in Vienna, VA, so it is best to do some good research and learn as much as you can about kitchen cabinets in Vienna, VA.

You should definitely get some expert help to figure out how to design kitchen cabinets in Vienna, VA, so we have asked our team to come up with the top fifteen kitchen cabinet designs in Vienna, VA. After reading this article you will have a lot of kitchen cabinet ideas to use in selecting just the perfect ones for your home.

Glass Front Cabinets

When it comes to elegance, glass front cabinets are one of the kitchen cabinet ideas in Vienna, VA that stands out. Not only does the glass sort of remind you of some sort of jewell, but they give you a chance to show off some of your fine china or even some handmade dishware.

You do have to be careful to keep glass front cabinets clean, not only by washing the glass, but also by staying well organized with the things inside of the cabinets. Its very easy in organizing and cleaning with the help from this cleaning service in Vienna V. To really show off your cool plates, you can have in- cabinet lights installed to illuminate the inside of the cabinets.

Flat Panel With Wood Finish

If you are going for a modern kitchen cabinet ideas, flat panels are one of the best choices because they offer a sleek minimalism. But when you choose to have the natural wood finish for flat panel kitchen cabinets, you also get to have some warmth and coziness.

Flat panel kitchen cabinet design is just a single piece of wood with no designs or patterns. You can go hardwareless for an extra minimalist look, or find some unique hardware to achieve the design of your dreams.

Shaker Cabinets

One of the most traditional and versatile of all kitchen cabinet designs, shaker cabinets can be found in many homes around the USA. They consist of a frame of rails and stiles around an inset center panel.

Shaker cabinets can really be like a chameleon and fit with most kitchen designs. They look really great painted to match the rest of the kitchen, or you might even paint them multicolored for a more playful look.

A Bit Of Open Shelving

Many people are trying to achieve an open concept kitchen these days, and some open shelving mixed in with your kitchen cabinets can help you  get that. They work especially well near the kitchen windows, as cabinets might block some of the light from the windows from entering the kitchen.

You can use your open shelving to show off some nicer pieces of dishware that you love, or even have a plant or two sitting on them to make you feel happy. Just be sure that you watch for dust accumulation on anything you place on the open shelves.

Mix Up The Hardware

The classic look is to use knobs on the kitchen cabinet doors, and pulls on the drawers, but you can take that concept further and use a greater variety of knobs and pulls, or have some doors with no knobs at all. You can go with different materials, or you could go with different shapes in different areas.

There are a lot of cool hardware options out there for kitchen cabinets, and you can explore what looks best to you. Don’t be afraid to try something new, hardware is easy to replace if it turns out that your instinct does not work out the way you had hoped.

Two Tone Cabinets

An interesting and fun look is to use different colors throughout your kitchen cabinets. Most people go with one color for upper cabinets, and another color for lower cabinets, but you can go even further and do alternating colors, or even color coordinate by what side of the room the cabinets are on.

Colors are a great way to make a unique kitchen and something that you can definitely consider to use in your kitchen. There are so many options for colors out there, why stick to just one?

Louvered Cabinets

Louvered cabinets have slots of wood as the center panel of the cabinets, and air can actually pass through them into the interior of the cabinets. This can be great if you want the inside of your cabinets to be able to breathe a little bit.

These types of cabinets make for a very unique and interesting look that not many people will have seen before. Your louvered cabinets will certainly give you something to talk about with any of your house guests.

Wine Rack Drawer

Having a wine rack drawer installed as part of your kitchen cabinet design is one of those luxury items that will really improve your experience in your kitchen. They can even be temperature controlled, so that your wine stays at just the perfect temperature to make drinking it that much better.

This is a feature that you will definitely be proud to show off to guests, and will make having dinner parties that much more fun. A wine rack drawer is a great addition to a wine aficionado or even someone who just loves a good shiraz with dinner.

Hidden Appliances

You can have your cabinet faces extended to conceal your refrigerator and dishwasher. This is a really cool idea that has been popular in Europe for a while, but is now starting to make a dent on this side of the atlantic.

When you extend the cabinet faces like this, it creates a more unified look and will sort of mystify some people who will think that you don’t even have a fridge. This is a really neat idea that you might like to try as part of your kitchen cabinet design.

Metal Strapping

Outfitting the edges of your kitchen cabinets with some metal strapping is an interesting idea that can help you to tie in your cabinets with other parts of the kitchen like the quartz or granite countertops. The metal strapping makes a border that helps you to see the contrasts of the cabinets and the walls or other parts of the kitchen.

You can choose from different kinds of metals. Stainless steel will give a clean feeling, copper or brass can feel warm, then you can even go with rubbed bronze which has a dark and enticing appearance.

Frameless Cabinets

This type of kitchen cabinet design uses stronger wood for the cabinet box so that you don’t need to have a frame. They have a sleek look that is great for a modern or contemporary kitchen look.

These types of cabinets were more popular in Europe but are not seeing more interest in the United States. Because they don’t have a frame, you actually get a little more space for storage inside of the cabinets so they are great for a smaller kitchen.

Locker Style Cabinets

If you are going for an industrial look for your kitchen, locker style cabinets could be the best choice for you. They have a long and slender look that seems utilitarian and elegant.

Extending these cabinets to the ceiling can make them appear grand and towering and will help you fit a few more things into the storage area, but you may need a ladder to reach to the top. Locker style cabinets are a cool look and can go great with some finished cement countertops.

Vintage Looking Kitchen Cabinets

For a vintage look, you want to use some interesting designs in the trim of the cabinets and you definitely want to have some inset designs in the cabinet doors. This retro style is having a comeback this year and making a lot of kitchens look cool.

Your home may even have vintage cabinets in them already, that with a little paint and some new hardware can look absolutely fantastic. Cabinets are made to last for a lifetime, and you might be able to reuse the ones that are already in your home.

Rustic Cabinets

If you are designing cabinets for a country home, or you just want a little extra charm in your life, you can have some rustic cabinets installed. You can achieve this with a shabby chic paint finish, or try to source some recycled barn wood for the cabinet doors.

Complete the rustic feeling with some wrought iron hardware and your kitchen is sure to be a big hit. Rustic kitchen cabinets bring a certain coziness that could be just what you need in your kitchen.

Metal Grate Cabinets

Using a metal grate for the front of the cabinets is a cool look and one that can be exciting to think about. You can go with different shapes for the grates, like a basic square or a diamond pattern.

Different metals will give your kitchen different looks. Gold has that luxury look, while chrome is like a fancy feeling, and copper could be very warming and interesting.

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