What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

Tuncer Dagdelen

Tuncer Dagdelen

Your home only deserves the best which is why you should invest in the right improvements and renovations to make your home even better. There are so many ways you can upgrade your home for the better and as for your kitchen, a good choice is often to have a countertop installed in your home.

When picking a kitchen countertop, you must do your best to pick a countertop that goes well with your kitchen both from an aesthetic and a functional perspective. There are many countertops to choose from but that’s the least of your worries of course. First, let’s talk about what you should pick for countertop material.

The first option is synthetic countertop materials. These are countertop materials that are made out of man-made items such as glass bottles, PVC, and many other components. They are generally more cheaper than other types of countertops but in terms of quality and durability, they are very lacking.

Another type of countertop you might want to consider for your kitchen are stone countertops. These are countertops made from natural stone such as soapstone, granite, marble, and even engineered stone such as quartz. Though more expensive, there’s no doubt that these countertops are far superior as compared to those made out of synthetic materials.

Of these two, we highly suggest getting natural stone countertops because they are simply the better option. Although more expensive, you’ll be getting the most out of your money with these countertops due to their important benefits. Now comes an important question once again, what color of countertop should you get?

Countertops come in many colors and picking one that fits your home can be tough too. These aren’t just aesthetic options too, they are also functional choices as well and you’ll begin to know why later. Before we begin thinking of the best colors, here are a few reasons why you’d want to pick the color well.

Why Picking A Countertop Color Matters

A countertop color matters for many reasons. For one, countertops are huge set pieces for your home so it is only a must that the surface blends well with other parts of the kitchen. You can pick a green countertop with a red aesthetic kitchen because that would make it look bad. It’s your home after all so your design choices should matter as well.

You don’t always need an interior designer to pick a countertop color for you but if you can, you should definitely avail of their services. Nothing beats a house that’s well designed not just in how it’s built but also in how it’s made as well. This is just one of the reasons why picking a countertop color matters for your kitchen.

Another reason is that some countertop colors are actually easier to maintain more than others. For instance, black-colored countertops are a lot easier to pick over white ones because even if they do stain, the discoloration will be a lot harder to notice whereas, with white countertops, the colors are going to stand out well.

If you don’t see yourself having enough capacity to maintain your countertop well, then you should definitely consider going for darker countertop colors because these are simply easier to maintain and they are more perfect for homeowners that don’t have the luxury of cleaning their countertops regularly. Now, let’s talk about some of the best countertop colors you can buy.

Shades Of White

Getting a countertop that’s pure white can be good on the eyes but as we’ve said, such countertops are susceptible to getting stains and discoloration over time. That means pure white countertops may look beautiful now but without proper care and maintenance, they are going to be an eyesore in the future.

Instead of going with pure white, we highly suggest going for other shades of white instead. A good color would be a darker shade such as off-white. This gives you the classic clean look of a white countertop without giving you too much room for stain and discoloration problems as well. This is becoming a popular choice.

Other people would also prefer getting off-white colors such as grey as it’s also clean and pristine but not too clean as to make it hard for maintenance. Only choose pure white or egg shell white colors if you are confident that you can maintain your countertop well within the next couple of years.

Shades Of Black

Black countertops are definitely in and they are currently one of the trendiest countertop colors to date. What’s great about black countertops is that they are neutral and easy to match with kitchen aesthetics- be it black or white. There are also various veinings that work well with a black shade of countertop which makes it perfect.

Back in the days, black countertops weren’t really that popular because people think that it doesn’t look too great in the kitchen.  In reality though, there are a lot of ways through which black countertops can work well with your kitchen. These are also the common choice especially when it comes to modern homes.

Both off-black and pure black countertop colors are trendy for many reasons. One is that they work really well with a minimalist set up for your kitchen and that they can also do good if you are looking for a more modern luxurious look for your kitchen as well, But that’s not the biggest benefit of black countertops though.

In our opinion, the biggest benefit of black countertops is that they are very easy to maintain. Be it stains or scratches, these problems aren’t going to be immediately visible on a black countertop’s surface. This makes the color perfect for homeowners that can be a bit reckless in the kitchen or for those that don’t have the time to maintain a kitchen countertop.

Other Amazing Shades

While in the past, homeowners were intent on getting either black or white countertops, today’s homeowners are not more adventurous. They pick various countertop colors to go with their kitchen and now, the possibilities are near limitless. As a future countertop owner, you should be just as adventurous too.

A common favorite color nowadays are dark shades of grey and blue. They may look close to black but the subtle differences in the way they look actually makes your kitchen look wonderful. Dark or navy blue is a common favorite because it goes in contrast well with either dark or white kitchen aesthetics.

The colors of countertops are now bigger than ever. There’s red, green, pink, and many other natural colors. Again, it’s completely up to you what you choose but we highly suggest exploring all the possible options available as you never know what might pique your interest.

Another factor you should consider when getting a kitchen countertop is the veining. Veining refers to the streaks of different colors that come across your countertop. The color of the vending depends on the color of the countertop but there are a few things you might want to consider here as well.

When picking dark shades of countertops, good veinings can be white but we mostly prefer shades of gold. This helps the veining standout even further and it makes the entire countertop look more luxurious as well. Another good color of evening for such countertops is gray because it can help complement the color of the countertop.

As for lighter shades of countertops, we prefer getting veins of black and blue. Even grey looks great on white countertop surfaces. The contrast of white and dark shades of colors can make your kitchen truly standout and more people prefer these because it also gives a unique touch to their countertop.

Keep in mind that in the case of natural stone countertops, the veining isn’t always up to your choice. This is a natural phenomena that happens in natural stones so you can’t always get the veining that you desire. If you are looking for pure colors though, you can get pure slabs that have minimal veining.

At the end of the day, the countertop color that you pick will be completely up to you. However, keep in mind there are many considerations and benefits to consider for your choice as well. Hopefully, this guide serves you well in helping you pick a good countertop color for your kitchen or for any part of the house.

As we’ve said, you’d only want the best for your home so it’s a must that you pick a countertop color that you are truly satisfied with. At the end of the day, that countertop is going to be with you for a really long time so don’t hesitate with your choice but make sure that you devote enough time in picking a color still.

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