Benefits Of A Full Kitchen Remodel In The Winter Season

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Summer and Spring aren’t always the best time to renovate your house, especially your kitchen, since it’s one of the busiest areas in the house. Most contractors are busy and fully booked during these times, so winter is your best alternative for remodeling your kitchen.

So, are you still on the fence about kitchen remodeling in winter? Don’t be, since you have many benefits to savor from doing it. In this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of renovating your kitchen in winter. 

Why is kitchen remodeling in winter a good choice?

More contractors are available

Majority of contractors are very busy during Spring and Summer. You’ll have a hard time booking an appointment with the best contractor for your full kitchen remodel. Whereas, during winter, many contractors are available already, and there are also cabinet stores that you can find with amazing collection of cabinets you can include in your project. That means you can easily book an appointment with them at your most convenient time.

There’s less competition from other homeowners who also want to hire the remodeling company you wish to work on your old kitchen. These professionals would also have enough time to focus on improving your kitchen, so all updates you want will be done within the scheduled time frame. It will also be the perfect time for you to replace your old kitchen countertops, and so, you could surely have a smooth-sailing full kitchen renovation. 

A higher chance to get a discount

Most remodeling companies get less work in winter, so they would want to get any job order that is there in the market. That said, you have more leverage of asking for a discount for your kitchen remodel. Besides that, sales and Black Friday deals happen during holidays, so you can take advantage of that when you plan to get a new kitchen cabinets and appliance. As a matter of fact, winter is the best season, as it offers a lot of kitchen cabinet color ideas suitable for the season. 

When you renovate your kitchen during winter, you are also safe from being the host of any family gathering. That’s funny but true. You have a legit alibi not to host the event since the heart of your home is messy.

Savings from outdoor repair and maintenance

If you do your full kitchen remodeling in summer, that would add up to the cost you need to spend on outdoor repair and maintenance. That said, renovating your kitchen in winter would be great since it helps you not spend a lot for a single period of time. Kitchen remodeling cost in winter may be way more affordable than other seasons. 

Faster time to prepare all permits for a kitchen redo

There are fewer homeowners doing a kitchen remodel in the winter. That means there’s a shorter waiting period to process all the necessary documents and permits for your kitchen makeover. The different government agencies you need to go to ask for a permit can process your papers quicker than in the slower seasons. So, you can check all of the kitchen remodeling ideas and have them all ready for the winter. Isn’t that smart?

Best time to travel and renovate

If you plan to renovate your kitchen in winter, and also travel with your family, then that’s a good idea as well. You can vacate the house, and give enough space for the remodelers to work on your kitchen. You won’t also be bothered not having a kitchen to prepare your food since you’ll be out for vacation in the warmer regions.

How long does a full kitchen remodel take?

On average, it takes around three weeks to four months to complete a full kitchen remodel. There are many variables to affect this, yet with proper planning and preparation, it will be seamless. To give you an idea of why it takes this timeframe, here are the basic full kitchen remodel steps:

  1. Search for the best remodeling companies near you.
  2. Schedule a call with many contractors about their bids for your kitchen remodel.
  3. Pre-order your materials.
  4. Inform your neighbors that you’ll be renovating your kitchen so that they’d understand if they hear some noises inside your house.
  5. Demolition process
  6. Checking the electrical and plumbing to see if it needs to be moved or not.
  7. Schedule an inspection from your city or municipal engineer.
  8. Installing the floors
  9. Installing the cabinets and appliances
  10. Cleaning process after renovation
  11. Inspecting all the works
  12. Payment of your balance for the kitchen redo

Why consider hiring a remodeling company?

Completing a kitchen remodel is challenging. You’d have to think about design, budget, materials, layout, and labor. For most homeowners, that’s too much to handle, right? You still have work, social, and a family to take care of. So, the best way to complete your kitchen makeover is to hire a reliable contractor. Plus, you can always check their kitchen remodeling before and after photos to keep yourself determined. 

Below are the benefits of hiring a remodeling company for kitchen renovation:

  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Free quote and consultation
  • They have a network of suppliers already
  • All products have warranty service
  • They can accomplish the project on time
  • They have the technology to accurately do customizations and installations
  • These professionals also know how to winterize the materials to be used for renovating your kitchen

Are there setbacks to renovating your kitchen in winter?

If you don’t want noise and hassle during winter, then this wouldn’t be a good option. Plus, if you don’t feel like leaving your house unattended while contractors work on your kitchen, then don’t do it. Doing a kitchen makeover in winter is a personal choice. There are benefits and setbacks to it, yet what matters most, you are satisfied with the outcome of the project.

It’s best if you can talk with your kitchen remodeling service and your family about this matter. Once you have agreed on things, that’s the time you move forward with revamping your old kitchen.

Are you ready for your winter kitchen makeover?

Giving your kitchen a facelift is a feat. You have many things to go work on to ensure this becomes a success. With that said, it’s good to hire a professional to help you with this. Gold Cabinets and Countertops is your most reliable remodeling company to hire for your kitchen redo. We are experts in the field, and we’ve been doing this for years. 

We have a network of suppliers for quality kitchen products, and a team of professionals for installing your cabinets, countertops, flooring, vanities, and other fixtures. Explore our products and projects online to get inspired.

For inquiries or free design consultation, contact us! We also give a free quote!

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