What is the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color?

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One of the best ways you can improve your kitchen is by investing not just in appliances and countertops, but also in kitchen cabinets. These are highly functional cabinets that make organizing a lot easier inside the kitchen. Can you imagine your kitchen without any cabinets? It would be a nightmare to work inside it in that condition.

There are many things you need to consider as a homeowner when organizing kitchen cabinets. For one, you need to think about whether or not you’re getting custom made cabinets, semi-custom made cabinets, or regular pre-made cabinets instead. If you have the budget for it, we suggest getting custom made cabinets.

Although more expensive, custom kitchen cabinets are the best investments for the kitchen still. For one, they add a unique flair to your kitchen. Since it’s custom made, it’s unlikely that there are other homes that have the same type of kitchen cabinet colors. This in turn makes your home and kitchen more valuable already.

There are many ways you can customize a kitchen cabinet. One of the best ways to do so is by picking a good color to match your cabinet with the rest of the kitchen. With so many color options to choose from, it can be quite the challenge picking a shade or hue that works perfectly well with your kitchen trends.

We’re here to help you find the best kitchen cabinet color so that you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Currently, there are a few favorite color options not just by kitchen contractors, but also by homeowners themselves. Here are the most popular kitchen cabinet colors currently and why they’re worth getting.

Natural Wood Look

The truth is that you don’t really need to have your cabinets painted into something new. Just a coat of finish or varnish will be more than enough to make your kitchen look a lot more beautiful than it is. This is why people prefer natural wood kitchen cabinets instead of having their cabinets painted a different color.

The natural wood look is tried and tested already. The problem though is that it doesn’t really work well with modern kitchens. If you have a home that’s designed with contemporary or traditional practices in mind, then the natural wood look might just be one of the best options available out there for now.

It really depends on the type of wood you get too. Light colored woods are not really ideal. However, dark colored wood like oak and cedar are perfect for the kitchen. Remember, a coat of varnish is really necessary to give the piece of wood the shine and protection that it needs as well. Luckily, coats and varnish are really easy to get.

There are actually three colors of wood you can go for. There’s light, dark, and medium. The most popular currently is dark followed by light and medium respectively. It all really depends on what you want and how your kitchen is styled. Personally, medium colored wood is a safe bet too.

White Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a safe and tried and tested option, then it’s a must that you pick white kitchen cabinets instead. Many homes have white kitchen cabinets already and that’s because this is a safe and neutral color option that works well with any modern or traditional kitchen and home. Of course, there are other benefits to it too.

For one, white kitchen cabinets help a kitchen stand out. While white is indeed eye-catching on its own, it’s still a good option because it doesn’t take away the attention from the rest of your kitchen. White fixtures are very common so a white kitchen cabinet will blend well with any style of kitchen out there.

On the other hand, the main problem we have with white kitchen cabinets is that they can become very dirty or discolored over time. It would be a lot better to get a white kitchen cabinet if you are a person that does have the time to maintain or properly clean your marble countertops and his cabinets regularly. If you can’t commit to this, you might end up with off-white cabinets in the future.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a modern look for your kitchen, then there’s no better color option than black. There used to be a time when people really didn’t like black for their kitchen cabinets but times have changed drastically and it’s not one of the most popular kitchen cabinet ideas out there as well.

One of the upsides to black cabinets is that they are very easy to partner with other colors. Regardless of what motif your kitchen has, it’s very likely that black kitchen cabinets are going to work well with them. It’s a good choice because it’s a safe one and it’s perfect whether your home is traditional or modern.

Another upside to black kitchen cabinets is that they are actually very easy to clean and maintain. Any dirt on the surface is not easy to see. Black is one of the safest and most natural choices out there so make sure to consider it well if you are getting your kitchen countertop customized. Even your contractors might recommend this too.

Bold Blue Cabinets

Believe it or not, people are also fond of blue cabinet colors. Solid colors really weren’t such a big hit for homeowners before. It was a risky color to choose but most importantly, it was hard to match with the rest of the kitchen. In terms of solid colors however, it’s blue that has started to take the spotlight.

Shades of solid blue are now popular color options. However, light colors like sky blue and powder blue aren’t as popular yet. Blue is a safe color because it can easily complement other colors. Personally, blue is a good match with white kitchen fixtures and motifs for the kitchen. It might seem like an odd choice but if it works, then it’s definitely worth getting.

In terms of popularity, darker shades like navy blue and teal are definitely the preferred colors. Some homeowners even recommend getting matt finishes on the cabinet as it makes the kitchen look more clean and modern. If you are having a tough time picking colors, try to consider blue as it’s a good and safe option nowadays.

Two-Tone Cabinets

You don’t have to stick with one color for your kitchen cabinets. In fact, more homeowners are choosing to have two tone cabinets for their home instead. It’s a great way to add a lot of accent and uniqueness to a kitchen and it’s something that you might want to try out for your home and upcoming kitchen cabinets.

When blending two colors for the cabinets, it’s best to pick one light shade and one dark shade. A good example of colors that match well with one another is black and white. This results in a beautiful and simple look for the kitchen. Most importantly, it adds a nice and unique touch to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen too.

Alternatively, you can pick one dark color and make the other tone be two shades lighter than the primary color. This adds a lot of depth and overall personality to your cabinets. Two-tone cabinets sound like an odd choice but there’s a reason why this color option is so popular nowadays and it’s best not to miss out on it.

Build Your Own Style

These are the most popular kitchen cabinet colors currently but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to these colors. In reality, it’s a lot better to build your own style from the ground up. THe more unique your kitchen is, the better investment it will be for your home as well so don’t be afraid to experiment.

WIth so many color options to choose from, we get that it can be quite intimidating to pick a kitchen cabinet color. However, how you style your kitchen and what colors you choose will be dependent on many factors including how you style your kitchen and what the current fixtures are. When all else fails,  try to find a designer to help you out.

These kitchen cabinets are here to stay. If you are looking to get a kitchen cabinet that will be trendy and beautiful at the same time, then it’s a must that you consider getting these colors for your home. There’s nothing better than a home with unique cabinets. They make it more valuable and more unique at the same time.

At the end of the day, the countertop color you pick should be one that you are happy and comfortable with. There’s no point in following the trend if you are not happy with the choices you make. Remember, your house is your territory, it should be a place that you are happy with through and through.

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