Top 5 Calming Grey Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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Are you visiting different cabinet stores in order to find the best grey kitchen cabinet? Well, grey is one of the most versatile colors you can incorporate into your modern-style kitchen.  Because of its elegance, and timeless appeal, it has become part of the most popular trends in the market. You can seamlessly use grey kitchen cabinet colors regardless of what kind of kitchen layout you have.

When you incorporate a gray color palette within your kitchen styles and designs, the tone should be considered. Choosing a gray family for your kitchen color ideas can give you endless options. However, make sure to consider every surface because each shade in the gray family can give a different feeling.

To help you bring out the best advantages of gray in your cabinetry, we have gathered 5 calming gray kitchen cabinet ideas for you: 

5 Calming Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You Must Try 

There are hundreds of ways to make your grey kitchen cabinet stand out. Make use of its innate peaceful and elegant trait in making your kitchen remodel luxuriously. Below are the top 5 ideas for wisely using grey kitchen cabinets.

Produce a wonderful contrasting color combination 

What are the colors that can beautifully contrast with grey? There are a few of them, and let’s enumerate them below:

Grey and white

White kitchen and grey cabinets are a perfect match. Because grey is slightly darker, it effortlessly pops out from your white kitchen. Placing white quartz or marble kitchen countertops on top of your kitchen cabinet grey would look fantastic. 

White subway tiles for your backsplash is also a good combination with your grey base cabinets and white stone countertops. You can either have a matte or glossy finish cabinet for this matter. Any of these finishes, still, your grey cabinets would look great.

Red and grey 

If you want a passionate ambiance in your kitchen, combining red and grey is a good choice. It could be that the fabric of the seats around your kitchen island with grey cabinet is red. Or, some tiles on your backsplash can be red, that could also work. You can look for different kitchen cabinet door ideas suitable with gray. 

Grey and mustard yellow

This is one of the best color combinations you can try for your kitchen remodel. When your kitchen doesn’t receive sufficient lighting, this color options fit well. Making the seats on your kitchen and some accents there in mustard yellow, complements your grey kitchen cabinet paint. The overall ambiance is dramatic and warm.

If you mix light grey cabinet kitchen and mustard yellow, it makes your kitchen look more expensive. There’s also a sense of lively aura in your kitchen using this color scheme.

A textured grey or glossy yellow tone can add a luxurious effect to your kitchen makeover. Our designers can help you finalize your design with this color theme.

Two-tone kitchen

We understand that it can be overwhelming to pick the right color to match your grey cabinets. If you cannot quickly decide on this, you can opt for a two-tone kitchen. Going for this idea, you can play more on the different shades of grey for your kitchen cabinets.

There are many grey kitchen cabinet color ideas you can explore. You can pair grey cabinets with red, mustard yellow, green, teal blue, baby pink, white, and blue. Keep in mind to have a contrasting shade for this option. It could be that you have darker grey cabinets in a lighter kitchen background, and vice versa. Take a look at some of the best kitchen remodeling before and after photos showcasing the beauty of gray cabinets. 

Play with Terrazo

Grey is subtle and pairing that up with exciting terrazzo, makes an interesting impact on your kitchen remodel. The different patterns and colors of terrazzo add joy and a playful aura to your grey kitchen. We can help you plan the design and placement of your terrazzo and grey kitchen cabinets.

You can also use terrazzo as your kitchen countertop. It can marry well with your grey base cabinets. The subtle tone of grey is an effective contrast with colorful appearance of this composite stone countertop.

Install a purple or red kitchen island

Grey kitchen cabinet paint colors is flexible to work with any strong palettes in the color wheel. That said, installing a kitchen island that’s purple or red can be an excellent option. Using this palette, your kitchen island seamlessly pop out against your grey cabinets.

You can have white stone countertops and purple or red cabinets for your kitchen island. Besides that, you can have tiles with geometric patterns for your backsplash. This can elegantly contrast with your calm grey cabinets.

Using bronze or copper hardware for your grey kitchen cabinets is also good since it adds warmth to your cool grey palette. Having a coffee brown kitchen countertop on top of your grey cabinets would be perfect in giving warmth to your space.

Lively wall designs and round-edge countertops

There are tons of grey kitchen cabinet ideas we can recommend for your kitchen makeover. If you overuse grey for your kitchen, it can turn out boring and cold. To avoid that, you can use lively patterns on your walls and backsplash. This balances the subtle tone of grey cabinets. It brings life to your kitchen without overpowering the neutral tones on your kitchen.

Having a round edge on your countertops complements your grey cabinets. It is also safe for your children and seniors. 

Most modern kitchen countertop ideas use neutral palettes to make their space cool and clean. You can add organic accessories to make it warm and earthy.

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